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How much is a Golf Club Membership in Frankfurt?  I am looking for information on initiation fees, plus monthly dues.  Thanks. 

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As summer is coming I am looking to arrange our summer holidays. I want to take the children to a campsite with lots of activities ideally located in a forest or woodland setting. Anyone know of anything?

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What are the must-see site in Frankfurt while we're there? Are there any spectacular views from vantage points?

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Do they do guided tours in English of the Main from Frankfurt please?

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Are golf courses available to be played on at this time of the year in the Frankfurt area and are there any public courses? Thanks for the reponses.

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Where's the closest place to learn how to ski this winter from Frankfurt? Has anyone done this before from here?

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Is there an expat cricket group in Frankfurt? Is it something that we'd be allowed to play in parks?

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Any outdoor ice skating rinks in Frankfurt?

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Is there an ultimate frisbee club in the vicinity of Kalbach? Probably not the right time of year for it at the moment but hubby would like to play in the spring and summer.

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Is there any EU-type museums in Frankfurt, celebrating the creation of it or the single currency?

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I am taking a physically handicapped child (my grandson) to Frankfurt as part of a European tour. What would you recommend to do that would be suitable and enjoyable for him?

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Has this craze descended here yet, and are there any meetups for us local girls?

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Hi everyone. I am moving to the Frankfurt area soon and wondered if there are archery clubs in the area?

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A friend is coming over with her teenagers who are both into bikes. She asked if there was anywhere that did dirt bike racing that we could visit while she was here. Needs to be less than an hour away from the city.

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Are there any yoga meet-ups in Frankfurt in the Bornheim area?

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Any 5-a-side football kickabouts that my husband could join in with. He says he used to be quite good (can't see that now somehow, with his size 38" waist).

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Where do you go on a lovely sunny summer afternoon to while away the time?

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I am wanting to hear from people that have used camp sites in the area? Where are the best ones and are there any located with or near a swimming pool?

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Is there an annual triathlon in Frankfurt?

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I never really liked soccer but watching last night's game was incredible! Well done Germany and I'll be watching again for the final.

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