Looking to increase your holiday home rental revenue? Choose Alpes!


A brand for the future 

• Millennias now represent the largest work force and the future of mountain sports 

• Millennias plan spontaneously, seek authentic experiences, use technology to plan travel, crave healthy food, demand flexibility and embrace the sharing economy 

• The market is changing - ALPES is at the forefront of the next evolution


Our difference 

• Website and brand designed from the core to address the millennial and youthful attitude market 

• Mobile lead experience 

• Integrated world class channel manager, connection our Property Management System with all the world class Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Air B&B and Booking.com – for live availability, prices and Instant Booking. 

• Seamless experience provided by a world class booking system designed by millennial’s for millennial’s 

• Multi – language support 

• Your money is safe – held in ESCROW payment sent on the 2nd day of the guests holiday 

• Highly experienced and constantly trained sales team who live and breathe the mountains 

• An incredible marketing team with strong lean towards digital lead generation 

• A formidable operational management team with over 25 years experience operating in the Chamonix valley 


What this means for you?

 • Increased sales and annual rental income 

• A reasonable commission to pay, between 15% and 25% according to the use of channel use and hence rentals.

 • A reliable cleaning, linen and maintenance team that clearly bill each month.

 • A simple reservation system for owners to block off the weeks they would like to visit. 


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