Calling all Native English Speakers


If you are English speaking, live with your family in France and have a degree or teaching qualification, then you may be just the host family we are looking for.

French children wanting to learn English (and there are many wishing to) do so most easily with the total language immersion that comes about when they live as part of a host family in France, which includes both supported English teaching sessions and a range of everyday activities, for one or two weeks at a time during school holidays. 

Your own children also benefit from the extra company and increase in excursions, outings and general activity involved when acting as a host family in Montpellier.  Visit for more details and some first-hand accounts from host families who have benefited from this well-paid work, as well as having the satisfaction of their French visitors growing in confidence with their English skills.

So if you are looking for opportunities to earn good money, whilst raising your own family (we are ideally looking for families with children 11+) and want to work during some of the school holidays call Sally Cornan today to find out more..