Life coaching / support in difficult situations

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As life coach, I offer support in difficult situations.

I can help you to face:

A mourning or separation

A lack of desire or motivation

Fears and doubts


A conflict in your family or workplace

Using a wide range of techniques, I can:

relieve pain by working with emotions, desensitize the situation to see it more clearly teach you how to control angers, fears, doubts, anxiety, jealousies which handicap you help you reconnect with your past and understand what prevents you from moving forward, or why something hurts you for no rational reason. We all have an immense potential, resources we do not know. It is important to find out this hidden treasure to put it at our service. Thanks to it, we have more desire to move forward, more motivation for every day, a better sleep, a better health and more peace of mind.

Stop undergoing your life, master it.

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