MG TF 160 "80th Anniversary" edition

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Posted by: Darya-Leshchenko-898393 · 1496324248

First registration March 2004

2nd owner

Mileage:  40000 km, my mileage: 20000 km, weekend vehicle

Hard top: dark blue (detachable), soft-top: dark red

Left wheel drive, 160 hp, 10 CV, manual transmission

Vehicle serviced at Tigli Auto, Nice (specialized with Rover, MG, Mini)

"80th Anniversary" edition, Left Hand Drive

Shock absorbers front and back: Bilstein/Vehicle Handling Solutions

Spark plugs:  NGK 3546

Ignitions coils: NGK 48100

Rear brakes:  EBC (RP1486UR)

Rear hubs and bearings:  ~ 10 000 km

Brake pads front and rear:  ~ 3000 km

Filters and oil change every  7 500 km

Oil consumption: 0

No diagnostics errors

No accident, several scratches (rear and front bumper) and rims

Garage parking

Technical control: 02/2017

No exchange. Sale to necessity of a second everyday vehicle.