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We are French chartered accountants with 25 years experience in helping English-speaking people with advice on investing and/or living in France. We have offices in Les Gets, Saint Pierre en Faucigny, Morzine and Chamonix. Contact Debbie Bradbury.
Accountancy firm with offices throughout the region. Some staff able to help English clients. Offices at 20 rue Fernand-Pelloutier, Grenoble-Echirolles (38).
Agencies throughout the area. Specialists in outsourcing accounting and business services.
Accountancy company offering services to all sized businesses. Services include Accounting, audits, Bookkeeping, Social security issues and business creation. Based at 10, rue Joseph Cugnot, Bourgoin Jailleu (38).
Accountancy firm which specialises in legal, tax and inheritance accounting. A facility also exists to carry out transactions on-line. Based at 1 Square Narvick in Briancon (05).
Ernst & Young
International accountancy firm. Some staff able to assist English speakers. Offices at 60 rue des Berges, Batiment Tramontane, Grenoble (38).
Odiceo Grenoble
Accountancy company helping all size businesses with tax and social security issues. Also offers advice on business creations and most financial matters. Based at rue du Docteur Schweitzer, Seysinns (38).
TR Plus+
Accountancy services including French Tax returns and paperwork including both personal tax returns and property tax returns. Based in Aime (73)
KPMG France
International accountancy firm with offices throughout France. Most offices have at least one person who specialises in English speaking clients. At 574 rue Chantabord, Chambery (73).
Eggleston Wiley LLP
Company of accountants offering a full range of financial services to international clients. Based at 745 Route Couttet Champion, Chamonix (74).
Fiscalite Audit
Company of accountants specialising in financial and tax matters for businesses and individual International expats across the French Alps. Contact Theo Bitnis. Offices at 38 avenue des Chasseurs Alpins, Albertville (73).
France Accountants
France Accountants is an online tax and accountancy service helping individuals and small businesses in France. All services in English. Based in Paris.
The Overseas Office
Admininstration, bookkeeping and virtual office solutions throughout France. Based in St Jean de Belleville (73).