Counselling & Therapy

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English and German speaking individual therapy sessions for adults during challenging times with the gentle methods of energy psychology, such as Tapping (also called EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and more. These methods have been s...
Gwendoline Jouan
Clinical psychologist and therapist works with adults and couples. In person and remote consultations.
Adeline Vriez Denambride
Psychology and sophrology practice for children, adolescents and adults.
Victoria Erbil
A Psychologist and counsellor, provides services for adolescents and adults as well as those stricken with alzheimer's and other cognitive diseases.
Olivier Winghart
A bilingual psychotherapist offers psychotherapy, gestalt & EFT couples therapy for issues of difficulties in intimate relationships, issues of self-image and self-confidence.
Mia Bentley
A confidential counselling and psychotherapy service in Grenoble providing clarity and support to overcome issues and find new meaning.
Christel Claeys
Counselling and psychotherapy for children, couples, adults and teenagers.
Dr. Morgane Radanielina
Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching for Individuals, couples and family therapy.
Patrícia Pereira
Neuropsychologist works with children, teenagers and adults
Valeria Villa
Qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in transactional Analysis offers psychotherapeutic counseling for individuals, couples and groups.
Henny Hofstaetter
Psychologist certified in Milton H. Erickson Hypnosis, Systemic Family Therapy and EMDR (Eye Mouvement Desenzitation and Reprocessing). Treating efficiently traumatic life events, relationship issues, grief and loss, depression and anxiety
Alain Chalumeau
Full range of psychotherapy services offered by qualified practitioner. 
Trudi Penkler
Psychologist - providing grief counselling, therapy, professional coaching and intercultural workshops - 2 Rue de la Republique Grenoble (38)
Michele Willmott
Qualified therapist, coach & Image Relationships Facilitator and offers online or in-person sessions along with couples intensives & workshops in the French Alps.
Daniela Rocha IJzerman
Portuguese and English speaking individual and couples therapist based in France. Online sessions for clients worldwide. Master's degree in psychology in The Netherlands and in Brazil. 
Barbara Kalbreier
Psychotherapy services for adults, children and couples. Professional orientation advice. Sessions offered in French, English and German. 40 ave Le Parc du Jura, Ferney Voltaire (01).
Sarah Anderson
Fully qualified, experienced psychotherapist and analyst. Working with international ex pat children, adults and couples. Based in Annecy.
Counselling in France
A website directory of qualified counsellors who work in English all over France.
Lewis Ingrid
Psychotherapy sessions and consultations for individuals and couples. French, English and German are spoken. At 22 rue Geneve, Ferney Voltaire (01).
Pauline Farrell
Psychotherapy and Counselling for adults, adolescents and couples in English. Qualified Irish Psychotherapist situated in Rumilly.
Elizabeth Stone Matho
Psychotherapy and consultation for adults, children, adolescents and couples in English and French by experienced and licensed American psychoanalyst and art therapist. Located at: 1, rue Beyle-Stendhal, Grenoble (38).
Julie Trabelsi Bottollier
Psychomotor therapist based in Chamonix.