Cybercafes & Public Internet Access

Atlanteam Cyber Cafe
Cyber cafe with full broadband internet access and support services. At 18 rue Abbe Gregoire, Grenoble (38).
E Toile
Cyber cafe with all Internet services and public information. 15 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Grenoble (38).
Player Of The Year
All day Internet cafe with 10 posts with full Internet access. Multimedia sales. Competitions open to all. At 11 av Jules Ferry, Annemasse (74).
LAutre Monde
Access to the Internet with 24 PCs and printer, scanner and a CD burner. In the city centre at 4, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Grenoble (38).
La Web Tarterie
Bar, restaurant and cybercafe. Can organise parties and karaoke evenings for up to 120 people. At 21, Avenue de Verdun, Annemasse (74).
Cyber Palace
Cybercafe with Internet access on broadband and online games. 14 posts available. WiFi access point. At Porte Medicis, Bourguin Jallieu (38).
Omnis Cyberspace
Cyber cafe with full Internet access and online games. Printing and scanning services. 30 rue Liberte, Embrun (05).
Internet cafe with full broadband access and public information consultancy. 13 rue Charles Robin, Bourg en Bresse (01).
Net Games
Cyber cafe with Internet access and online games. Open all day 7 days a week. 79 av Boisse, Chambery (73).
Planet Com
Internet cafe with full broadband access. Angle 9 Fbg Montmelian et Place dItalie, Chambery (73).
Cyber 01
Full broadband internet access and online games facilities are offered. At 80 Grande rue, Montluel (01).
Cybercafe with 10 posts connected to broadband. Printers, scanners and online games. WiFi access point. Avenue du 159 eme RIA, Briancon (05).
Welcome Cafe
Internet cafe with full access to broadband service and online games. At Les Arcades 65 rue Bois, Ornex (01)
Neptune Internet Services
Cafe offering Internet access with 30 computers and scanning, printing and burning service. Individual and group training also available. 2, rue Bayard, Grenoble (38)