Garden Equipment & Nurseries

Pepinieres de lAlbanais
Company offering complete garden design service and supply of plants. Garden centre with full range of plants, trees and shrubs. At Sur les Marais, Vallieres (74).
Quillot Sarl
Company specialised in the manufacturing of glass veranda. At 12 Bis R Joseph Marion, 01200 Bellegarde.
Vincent Olivier
Complete landscaping, design and plant, shrub and tree supply. Display centre at 645 rue Bouvards Dessous, Voglans (73).
Botanical gardens presenting over 430 different plant species; bamboos, palm trees, yuccas, orchids and a selection of rare plants. Also a tree nursery and animal shop. At 2, Place du Cret, 74160 St Julien en Genevois.
Pepinieres Fougere Vaudaine
Full nursery and garden advice service for inside and outside landscaping services for professionals and individuals. Open Monday to Saturday. At Subellin, Seyssuel (38).
Pepinieres Follin
Large nursery specialising in trees for shade, conifers, hedging plants and fruit trees. Also roses and border plants. At Plan de Vitrolles, Vitrolles (05).
Garden centre with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants and animal shop. At 33, rue Rene Cassin, 74240 Gaillard.
Garden centre and hard and soft landscaping service. Advice for plant supply, planting and maintenance. Nursey at Les Moulins, Juvigny (74).
Pepinieres du Chuzeau
Sale of all types of plants and shrubs, large and small, for the garden. At 94Bis, av Camille Rocher, Cote Saint Andre (La) (38).
Para Flor
General nursery specialising in garden plants for borders and aromatics and herbs. Also specialists in water and bog plants. At Quartier Saint Martin, Upaix (05).
Specialised in veranda manufacturing. Provides wooden, traditional and victorian verandas. At 13 rue de Montreal, ZI de Ville-la-Grand, 74100 Annemasse.
Pollet Yves
General nursery with over 3.75 hectares of trees, shrubs, fruit trees and plants to choose from. Landscaping service. At Petit Beguet, Condeissiat (01).
Gonthier Espaces Verts
Garden centre and nursery offering full range of plants and shrubs and landscaping projects. At 11 rue Maistre, Cognin (73).
Family firm specialising in the supply of walnut trees and other orchard fruits with 52 hectares of trees. La Ville, Polienas (38).
Pepinieres Guillot Bourne
Specialist nursery and garden centre for large trees. Many species and types available. Full planting and layout service. Le Village, Jarcieu (38).
Pepinieres Daniel Soupe
Nursery which offers a complete garden design and landscaping service for business and individuals. Specialists in large trees. At Les Lazares, Chatillon sur Chalaronne (01).
Specialised in veranda manufacturing and installation. Provides veranda with both in aluminium and wood. At 345 route de Thonon, 74140 St Cergues.