Theatres, Music & Concert Venues

Club Summum
Large performance venue which attracts a variety of well-known French and international artists and productions. Rue Henri Barbusse, Grenoble.
Theatre Coccinelle
Grenoble based theatre specialising in childrens entertainment including puppet shows. At 18 rue Colbert, Grenoble (38).
Theatre La Passerelle
Based in Gap with a varied programme of dance, music, exhibitions and a special programme for the young. At 137, boulevard Pompidou, Gap (05).
Cirque Filyfolia
Musical spectacle, juggling and clowns. At 432 route de Paccaliere, LAlbenc (38).
Culturact - Espace Bachelard
Centre for amateur musicians with performances during the whole year. At 63 rue Albert Reynier, Grenoble (38)
Theatre Charles Dullin
Centre of cultural activity with theatre, dance, music, exhibitions and cinema on offer. At Pl Theatre, Chambery (73).
Auditorium de Seynod
Cultural centre with various events: cinema, dance, musicals and live music. At av Champfleuri, Seynod (74).
Espace Malraux Scène Nationale Chambery Savoie
Cultural centre with two auditoria offering a mixed programme of theatre, music and dance. At 67 place Francois Mitterrand, Carre Curial, Chambery (73)
Le Dome Theatre
Italian style theatre with full programme of theatre, dance and musical events. 135 place de lEurope, Albertville (73).
Concert des Cimes
Jazz and classical musicians for events in the French Alps. Based in Annecy (74).
Theatre Bourg en Bresse
Venue for a range of theatre, spectacle and music and dance performances. At 11 pl Grenette, Bourg en Bresse (01).
Les Mauvaises Herbes
Centre for contemporary theatre, ballet and dance companies. At 9 pl Verdun, Grenoble (38).
Tim OConnor - Singer/Songwriter
Singer and songwriter based in Chambery and performs all over France especially the Rhone-Alpes. Singing and songwriting teacher at the MJC in Chambery and private classes in singing and guitar.
MC2 Maison de la Culture de Grenoble
Major venue in Grenoble for classical music concerts with several concert halls. MC2: Maison de la Culture de Grenoble, 4 rue Paul Claudel, Grenoble (38).