Jims British Market & Tea Room

Jim’s British Market and Tea-Room offers a range of over 2,000 British Groceries, Specialty Foods both Fresh and Frozen! English Tea’s: PG, Tetley’s, Yorkshire (Decaff also in stock)

- British Bacon and Sausages: Walls and Richmonds in stock!

- Pie’s, Black/ White Pudding, Stilton and Haggis

- Crisps: Walkers, Kettle, Twigletts, Hula Hoops, Nando’s & More

- Jam’s, Jellies, Marmalade’s, Chutney’s and Sauces

- Quorn, Linda Mcartney, Weight Watchers Ready Meals and Much More!

- Chocolates: Cadbury, Galaxy, Aero, Revels & More

- Season specials: Cream Eggs, Easter Eggs, Christmas Selection Boxes

- Drinks: Ribena, Robinsons Squash, Rose’s Cordial, Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Lucozade and more