Over 1000 owners have already trusted Mont Blanc Real Estate to manage their property, then go ahead and contact us to introduce your holiday plans, we will find the most suitable management solution for your needs!

Managing your wealth 
You are the owner, you want to secure your rental income and enhance your assets in the best conditions.  Mont Blanc Real Estate Management and Heritage offers to choose freely among its 3 rental management options, the most appropriate formula for your needs to optimize your investment and ensure your tranquility.  Management fees are deductible from property income as part of the Finance Act. 
•  Management SIMPLICITY 

•  Management TRANQUILITE 

•  Management QUIETUDE 
 GLI returns ( Do with LD) 

 Why entrust us with the management of your property? 
 Discover our advantages. 
 1 - Ensure and optimize the profitability of your assets unpaid rent guarantee - Insurance unpaid rent: 
 The unpaid rent guarantee ensures regular income, particularly as the financial risks are heavy for missing payments, especially if rents represent a vital source of income for a home, or particularly in the case of debt to purchase Property.  With Mont Blanc Real Estate Management and Heritage you can receive a group contract already negotiated the best rates.  See "Our Guarantee Rent Arrears"  Optimize your rental income through a revaluation of rents at the end of each lease.  This is one of our most important missions.  Our knowledge of the market for goods of comparable criteria and a constant attention to local specificities, guarantee the best possible returns for your heritage. 
 2 - A legal and technical management: 
 Few landlords are aware of the risks involved in administrative fault.  The steps have constantly increased and the contractual relations between tenants and landlords are profoundly modified.  Each new provision, the lessor owner who has not integrated the new rules will be subject to prosecution by the tenant.  Our legal monitoring is to ensure that the law will be well applied. 
 3 - To ensure your peace of mind: 
 You have given your well for us we occupied.  We will represent you in the best ways by establishing a professional relationship with all stakeholders as:  • Different providers (insurers, works contractors, EDF-GDF, France Telecom, etc ...)  • The trustee and the other co-owners (condominium fees, interventions in the building, relations between neighbors ...)  • Administration (taxes, municipal services, social organizations ...)  • Finally, the lessee relationship that incident, may deteriorate. 
 4 - Deduction for Property management fee income: 
 Entrusting your property to Mont Blanc Heritage Property Management and the current management fees and unpaid rent insurance are deductible from property income. 
 5- Holidays Mont-Blanc is the local reference of the holiday house: 
 Holidays Mont Blanc is a branch of the group real estate Mont Blanc, specialist for more than 40 years of seasonal rental management of apartments and chalets.  Do you own an apartment or a cottage in the heart of Mont Blanc and wish to be accompanied in its management?  Holidays Mont-Blanc offers its rental management services to make your life easier.  Choose professionalism Rentals Mont-Blanc, is to ensure complete management of your real estate rentals.  We take in charge the management of your goods from A to Z in order to offer you a rental return with confidence.  Mont Blanc vacation rental management solution to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Combloux, Les Houches and Les Contamines.