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Plasterer available for work 0 Home & Garden
I'm Plasterer from the uk now living in france.  Please follow this link
started by: Tom -Beaney-926986 · last update: 1523449153 · posted: 1523449153
Evicting a tenant 0 Financial & Legal
Hi all I hope someone can help me out.  I have a tenant who does not have a contract as he was only supposed t
started by: Elaine-Quinn-926592 · last update: 1522826439 · posted: 1522826439
Schools in Limoux 1 Families & Kids
Hello, intending to move from Toronto, Canada to Limoux, and I wanted to do some research.  Unfortunately, I a
started by: Vasuki-Thillainadarajah-923597 · last update: 1520883815 · posted: 1519772677
Transfer from Geneva airport to Megeve on... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi My brother and I are travelling out and wondered if anyone does private transfers, if under 200 euros return ple
started by: dunney-544127 · last update: 1519663695 · posted: 1519663695
Open Bank account without utility bills 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi all, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this chicken-and-egg problem:I'm moving to France and would like to open
started by: Minn-Ma-923260 · last update: 1519471086 · posted: 1519471086
Does anyone Know a good Carpenter? 0 Home & Garden
Hi We have a chalet in Chamonix and it needs a new balcony. Does anyone know a good company that can offe
started by: stuart-Gould-923252 · last update: 1519467076 · posted: 1519467076
UK Electrician qualifications in France 1 General
Hi, I am currently living in the french alps doing winter season, working as a ski and snowboard teacher. I ha
started by: Marc-Walton-918596 · last update: 1516018061 · posted: 1515096316
hog roast 0 Food & Drink
Hi all,We're getting married in June near Mâcon in Burgundy and are looking for hog roast caterers. We tried diffe
started by: Alix-Long-919458 · last update: 1515960381 · posted: 1515960381
import of classic motorcycle 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
i have a 1976 motorcycle in the UK (currently registered to my father, but he will transfer ownership to me) its no
started by: andy-Whit-918360 · last update: 1515099226 · posted: 1514899126
My advert 0 AngloINFO Support
Hello,I had to modify slightly my advert and add pictures
started by: Maya Le Chat-873195 · last update: 1510912341 · posted: 1510912341
English speaking Gynecologist in Grenoble 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi,Does anyone have some names for English or German-speaking doctors in Grenoble? You can PM me the answer. Thanks
started by: Pelin-Erkent-914662 · last update: 1510688721 · posted: 1510688721
To modify my classified advert 0 AngloINFO Support
Thank you for making the changes in my 'car for sale ' advert that's very much appreciated. Every good wishes,
started by: Maya Le Chat-873195 · last update: 1510501751 · posted: 1510501751
Help starting French Association 0 Financial & Legal
I am looking for a expert or company who can help me with the legal and accounting issues of starting a nonprofit (
started by: Linda-Guest-913960 · last update: 1510065679 · posted: 1510065679
Just moved and looking for friends. 0 General
Hey all. So me and my partner have just moved to Annecy and we would love to meet other English people as we a
started by: Kyle-Horwood-908798 · last update: 1504635801 · posted: 1504635801
Leaving a CDD for a CDI 0 Financial & Legal
Hi, I am in the process of leaving my CDD contract before it ends because I have been offered a CDI contract with a
started by: Kelly-Wasy-908773 · last update: 1504613414 · posted: 1504613414
Pet Sitter needed - 24th to 29th August,... 0 Pets & Animals
Hi apologies for late notice, but our dog sitter has just let us down at the last minute, if anyone who knows anyon
started by: Xander-Bickers-861650 · last update: 1503314244 · posted: 1503314244
Notice period 0 General
What is the notice period for an unfurnished flat
started by: Hawthorn-884510 · last update: 1501331452 · posted: 1501331451
Does anyone know any good xmas ski chalet... 0 General
Hi there,We’re looking at going here - but the prices are a litt
started by: snow-chateaux-880054 · last update: 1493126382 · posted: 1493126381
Accomodation 0 General
I'm planning to travel over to the Alps region for cycling holiday 2/3 week of July can anyone recommend the best l
started by: sjmcdowell-494908 · last update: 1492377118 · posted: 1492377117
Holiday rental 0 General
We are looking for a really good quality holiday  rental, ideally in central Evian  or Thonon. Two bedroo
started by: Fromage-997986 · last update: 1492356974 · posted: 1492356973