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Just moved and looking for friends. 0 General
Hey all. So me and my partner have just moved to Annecy and we would love to meet other English people as we a
started by: Kyle-Horwood-908798 · last update: 1504635801 · posted: 1504635801
Leaving a CDD for a CDI 0 Financial & Legal
Hi, I am in the process of leaving my CDD contract before it ends because I have been offered a CDI contract with a
started by: Kelly-Wasy-908773 · last update: 1504613414 · posted: 1504613414
Pet Sitter needed - 24th to 29th August,... 0 Pets & Animals
Hi apologies for late notice, but our dog sitter has just let us down at the last minute, if anyone who knows anyon
started by: Xander-Bickers-861650 · last update: 1503314244 · posted: 1503314244
Notice period 0 General
What is the notice period for an unfurnished flat
started by: Hawthorn-884510 · last update: 1501331452 · posted: 1501331451
Does anyone know any good xmas ski chalet... 0 General
Hi there,We’re looking at going here - but the prices are a litt
started by: snow-chateaux-880054 · last update: 1493126382 · posted: 1493126381
Accomodation 0 General
I'm planning to travel over to the Alps region for cycling holiday 2/3 week of July can anyone recommend the best l
started by: sjmcdowell-494908 · last update: 1492377118 · posted: 1492377117
Holiday rental 0 General
We are looking for a really good quality holiday  rental, ideally in central Evian  or Thonon. Two bedroo
started by: Fromage-997986 · last update: 1492356974 · posted: 1492356973
Mother / Father and baby groups 0 Families & Kids
Hi there!I was wondering if anybody knew of any mother and baby groups in the Haute Savoie and Isere region? or if
started by: Wirby77 · last update: 1491640643 · posted: 1491640643
Moving to the Alps 3 General
Hello, Being an avid lover of mountains, I would like to move somewhere in the French Alps. I don't know the area v
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1491635493 · posted: 1479656899
How to obtain a French Driving licence without... 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi,My husband is English, and he needs a French driving license to open a bank account in UK which he left over 20
started by: Laurence Elisabeth-Millet-Miles-895497 · last update: 1491574697 · posted: 1489504399
Large money transfer gbp-eur 1 Financial & Legal
Hello, My parents need to send me a large amount of money (£10000) and I'm looking for bank alternatives to m
started by: Emilie-Flipot-897234 · last update: 1491511180 · posted: 1491501358
We need an English teacher in St Julien en... 0 General
I've been teaching English here in St Julien for past 8 years and have built up a great little business I'm moving
started by: Helen-Jones-896971 · last update: 1491214763 · posted: 1491214763
Help with new home 2 Home & Garden
started by: David-Burrows-894793 · last update: 1490551983 · posted: 1488733503
Auto Locksmith needed or advice 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, Im desperately looking for an Auto Locksmith in the Chamonix area as I have no keys to my car. Cant seem to
started by: blue cardy · last update: 1489924283 · posted: 1489924283
Registerring for taxe fonciere and the taxe... 4 Financial & Legal
Hi allWe bought a house last year in the SavoieAll is going well but I have not heard from the authorities about th
started by: AndyBoyd · last update: 1488789512 · posted: 1481365970
English speaking Gynecologist in Pays Gex... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am desperately searching for an english speaking (even if just basic) Gynecologist in Pays Gex area, I wou
started by: Jessica-Russell-894374 · last update: 1488290499 · posted: 1488290499
What counts as allowable improvements for... 3 Financial & Legal
Hello. I am new here so please forgive me if this question has come up before.we bought a house in Rhone Alps in Ju
started by: Helen-Peters-883552 · last update: 1486415028 · posted: 1483112358
bilingual school in Annecy 0 Families & Kids
Hello, i am looking for feedback on Red Apple School & Haute-Savoie Bilingual School in Annecy, any one got kid
started by: Elizzz · last update: 1485919768 · posted: 1485919768
Opening a bank account without "justificatif... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am sure I am not the only with this problem so I hope there are some of you who knows the solution for this
started by: tkalman · last update: 1485199813 · posted: 1463576173
taxi 1 General
started by: ROSE-478919 · last update: 1482257097 · posted: 1394571272