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Missing person 0 General
Hello all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, if so please let me know where I can put this.
started by: Richard -Armstrong-Wood-866909 · last update: 1471190840 · posted: 1471190840
Secure stopover for motor home for 10 ni... 0 General
good eveningWe need to find somewhere to leave our motorhome for 10 nights from 23/7 collect 02/8. We...
started by: Gerard-Saunders-864791 · last update: 1468787932 · posted: 1468787932
Moving to the Alps 0 General
Hi all I have lived in another part of France for many years and I am a qualified heating Engineer in France. In...
started by: Mark Holland Chauffagiste · last update: 1467989292 · posted: 1467989292
BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good infor...
started by: mj-577305 · last update: 1467984741 · posted: 1467984741
Gardeners / Cartakers around Annecy 3 Home & Garden
We are a french couple based in Annecy. We both have our own business in ecological gardening, we get exp...
started by: Mat · last update: 1466330136 · posted: 1460990023
pub recommendation near le grand bornand 0 General
Bonjour mes amis,I hope that you are all well and happy.I thought that I would share a recomme...
started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1465669111 · posted: 1465669111
Help with vacation property bookings 0 Non-local
started by: Xander-Bickers-861650 · last update: 1465463046 · posted: 1465463046
National Strikes in France 0 General
started by: Chris-460212 · last update: 1464193275 · posted: 1464193275
Opening a bank account without "justific... 0 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am sure I am not the only with this problem so I hope there are some of you who knows the sol...
started by: tkalman · last update: 1463576173 · posted: 1463576173
Anyone driving to Geneva 0 General
Hi! My name is John McGhee, artist, musician working on a record in Samoens. I am looking for a return lift to G...
started by: john-mcghee-859645 · last update: 1463494933 · posted: 1463494933
New Specialty Coffee Roaster Opened 0 General
started by: james-Stavrou-858947 · last update: 1462898707 · posted: 1462898707
Have you got a illustrated Book project? 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462607551 · posted: 1462607551
Beekeeping Group 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Gregg-794694 · last update: 1461743649 · posted: 1461743649
English Speaking Piano Teacher! 0 Families & Kids
Hi does anyone know of an English Speaking piano teacher in the the Chamonix area or slightly further afield as ...
started by: Annette-Paul-857551 · last update: 1461655149 · posted: 1461655149
Train Strike: 25-27 April 2016 0 General
started by: Chris-460212 · last update: 1461613180 · posted: 1461613180
Non-toxic manicure? 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the Cote d'Azur to get a non-toxic or "green" manicure? Thanks!
started by: Michelle-Egan · last update: 1460980888 · posted: 1460980888
Pet Insurance 0 Pets & Animals
I've just moved to the French Alps and I'm struggling to get pet insurance for my 9 year old labrador. He doesn'...
started by: Sarah-Hill · last update: 1460121307 · posted: 1460121307
Renewal of Late "Titre de Sejour" 0 General
I have successfully renewed our 3rd year "title de sejour"  Finally it was easy.  But I'm concerned. &nbs...
started by: Carol-Stephens-855004 · last update: 1459752387 · posted: 1459752387
Strike Today 30th March 0 General
_Strike Called Several unions have called for strike action starting this evening (30 March) at 19:00 through 08:...
started by: Chris-460212 · last update: 1459351254 · posted: 1459351254
Gardeners in France 0 General
The facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE a...
started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1459263306 · posted: 1459263306
Genoble - Best location to rent 0 General
Hi, my girlfriend and I will both be studying in Grenoble from September for a year, I'm at Pierre Mendes, she's at...
started by: Ian-Smith-853624 · last update: 1458660360 · posted: 1458660360
Is now a good time to buy in France? 0 Non-local
I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great fren...
started by: Ewan-S-852381 · last update: 1458031160 · posted: 1458031160
Debt recovery advice. 0 Financial & Legal
 I'm a small business owner trying to recover a sizeable debt from a client (another French registered busines...
started by: Alastair-Taylor-852450 · last update: 1457963883 · posted: 1457963883
Gardeners in France 0 Home & Garden
The facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more experien...
started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1457861952 · posted: 1457861952
UK TV 1 Home & Garden
Hi all Im aching to watch UK TV and was wondering how people do it here in the French Alps?,,I can't put ...
started by: Matty-481538 · last update: 1456666927 · posted: 1456419948
English speaking gynecologist in Grenobl... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Was wondering if anyone can recommend an English speak gynecologist in Grenoble? Thanks in advance!
started by: aandskern · last update: 1456568768 · posted: 1447105576
Driving License 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi to all Weve lived in the French Alps as residents now for 6 months and Ive been wondering if my UK dri...
started by: Mikey-481909 · last update: 1456478591 · posted: 1456478591
Learning the lingo in the Alps 3 General
Hi Im looking for recommendations for learning French, Can anyone give positive feedback from any language schoo...
started by: Carlosthejackal · last update: 1456412513 · posted: 1455818357
Moving Things 1 General
Hi Help needed in Annecy to move a piano and a few other items around from room to room, maybe an hours work, ge...
started by: TinTin-481664 · last update: 1456221227 · posted: 1456134197
Driving to italy 1 General
advice please,we are traveling to Italy next month ,from Normandy ....we plan to cross from Gap through Briancon...
started by: glendower-797411 · last update: 1455807714 · posted: 1455357015
Administration and red tape assistance c... 0 General
Hello Is there anyone offering a service to help english speakers with Administration and Red Tape when t...
started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1454646470 · posted: 1454646470
Concrete Covering for electrical floor h... 2 Home & Garden
Hi I am buying a house in Chatreuse in Isere and am at the moment planning everything. I have found most ...
started by: AndyBoyd · last update: 1453632417 · posted: 1452199338
Looking for an Alison Chapman, please 0 General
Hi, I'm in Charente (dept 16), and tonight received a phone message from someone who said they were from ...
started by: dali-546102 · last update: 1453240301 · posted: 1453240301
Do i need a spirits alcohol licence? 0 Financial & Legal
Hello, I am just about to start a small buisness teaching cocktail making classes to holiday makers ...
started by: avalanche cocktails · last update: 1453054711 · posted: 1453054711
English speaking gynecology! 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! I'm looking for English speaking gynecologist in grenoble! Could someone help me with the list? 
started by: natz1 · last update: 1452163972 · posted: 1452163972
House Clearance 0 Home & Garden
Anyone know of someone who can come and clear an apartment of existing furnishings from St Martin de Belleville?...
started by: Hbf1000 · last update: 1450692798 · posted: 1450692798
Looking for a Campsite St Etienne 0 General
Hi can anyone help please.  My son-in-law is looking for a campsite near St Etienne for a couple of nights ...
started by: susky5` · last update: 1450293520 · posted: 1450293520
Christmas Crackers 1 Home & Garden
Hi,,,anyone seen Christmas Crackers for sale in the Haute Savoie? Im based in Annecy,,,thanks
started by: Alpyness · last update: 1450279781 · posted: 1449841483
Changes to State pension age for women .... 3 Financial & Legal
A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign...
started by: Lynne&Ham-782094 · last update: 1449593986 · posted: 1446115749
Business for sale Haute Maurienne 2 Financial & Legal
Hello   I would like to live and work in the Alps, particularly in the Haute Maurienne. I've ...
started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1449547252 · posted: 1444288498
British expatriates in France survey 0 General
Hello, I am writing an essay on the subject of the integration of British expatriates in France. I have c...
started by: eva.sdr · last update: 1448574846 · posted: 1448574846
Looking for an English-speaking gynaecol... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I'm looking for a good English-speaking gynaecologist in/near Thonon-Les-Bains. Please send me a message if you ...
started by: Evchen · last update: 1448024024 · posted: 1448024024
French lessons 1 General
Hi, I was wondering where the closest place to take an intensive French language course would be. I would...
started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1447509198 · posted: 1447410563
Man with a van 0 General
Hi.  We live in Talloires and are looking for a man with a van for a small removal from Talloires 74290 to ...
started by: lesley2705 · last update: 1446648733 · posted: 1446648733
Do the functionaries etc speak any Engli... 1 General
Hi Guys Just a question, I think I know the answer. But do the people you have to deal with as far...
started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1446134355 · posted: 1446084544
Changeover services for Doucy Valmorel 0 Home & Garden
I have a lovely new 2 bed 1 bath apartment up at Doucy near Valmorel, Savoie, which I am looking to rent out as ...
started by: jbrown-479473 · last update: 1444754666 · posted: 1444754666
Any Australians living in the Alps 1 General
Hello Are there any Australians living and working in the Alps. I'd love to be able to aska few questions...
started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1444712132 · posted: 1444636622
Dog & cat boarding kennel 0 Pets & Animals
hi can somebody recommend a boarding kennel for our cat and dog in France, close to Geneva/Swiss border? ...
started by: Morenaza · last update: 1444599389 · posted: 1444599389
cheap heating? 1 Home & Garden
Hello, Im renting an apatment and am wondering what the most cost effiective type of heating is? My understandin...
started by: blue cardy · last update: 1443983320 · posted: 1443730654
FREE Live-In Pet Sitting by Certified Pe... 0 Pets & Animals
Miyuki, born in Tokyo - Japan and and Thierry, born in Marseille - France are Certified Pet Sitters offering a 1...
started by: 2withoutborders · last update: 1443950111 · posted: 1443950111