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Hi, I would like to sell my right-hand drive Citroen C5 Estate Milage 60 000 (90 000km) MOT till April 2020. I used the car to move from the UK to Grenoble and was wondering whether anybody is in the same situation and could use it to move back to the UK? Thanks Anne 

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We have been regular travellers to Lake Annecy for over 10 years. As our relatives are getting older we now wish to leave a caravan somewhere very near to Annecy to store rather than keep towing one each year.Can anyone help us to find a suitable facility or knows someone that offers this service?Kind regards Adrian Easter

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Hi My brother and I are travelling out and wondered if anyone does private transfers, if under 200 euros return please email pjdunne3383@aol.comThanks Patrick

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i have a 1976 motorcycle in the UK (currently registered to my father, but he will transfer ownership to me) its not taxed and has no MOT currently Once he transfers ownership to me, how might i start in importing this to France to my holiday home there?with a view to restore it back to showroom condition then eventually register it in france?I aim to take it into France in the back of my van as the shipping method

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Hi,My husband is English, and he needs a French driving license to open a bank account in UK which he left over 20 years ago.We know that it is possible to obtain a license without exchanging his English license but that is about all we know. We cannot find any useful information regarding this matter on neither the Prefecture nor sous-prefecture websites - even tried to ring (which was a total joke. Waited for ages and then the system hung up on me!).Has anybody managed to get a French Driving License? Did you have to pass the Code and driving test again?Thank you for your precious help - It is very frustrating!

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Hello, Im desperately looking for an Auto Locksmith in the Chamonix area as I have no keys to my car. Cant seem to find anyone that does this as a mobile service, is this something the French simply don't do? Or does anyone know the correct term for what I should be searching for online. I know the dealer (Toyota) can give me new keys but they are slow, expensive and not mobile so will need to tow the car to them. I know in a city like London this could be sorted in a matter of hours with a mobile operator.Thanks, Chris

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We are selling a lovely Ford Maverick2.3 litre petrol engineSilver - in great conditionRoof bars & Michelin winter tyresFully serviced - all breaks recently replacedReally nice to driveFrench registered with 2 yr CT7390 Euros0603710106

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Hi there,im from Ireland, hoping to work in ski resorts this winter however my job requires me to have a car. I cannot get any Irish insurer to cover me for 4 months in France . So I was wondering could anyone advise a cheap car rental for the season?? Thanks 

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Hi to all Weve lived in the French Alps as residents now for 6 months and Ive been wondering if my UK drivers license is legal and valid to drive here? Do you need to change to a French one? Many thanks!

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Hi Next week I leave the UK for Allos to buy a classic car (1968) and then hopfeully, drive it back. From my Google search, it seems the nearest Prefecture is in Barcelonnette or, a bit further down to Digne. Is this correct? Or, is there a Prefecture in Colmars? Which is the better of the Prefecture offices - Barclonnette or, Digne? Cost of registration of a clasic car (1968) I understand that to register a classic car, I must:  Declare the car as a 'classic car Produce my UK licence / passport  Produce a complted certificate de 'immatriculation Certificat de cession Current CT Registration document of the previous owner maked 'Vendu le' Proof of a French address. As I will only be in Allos for a week, is there any way around this? Would a 'rent receipt' from the owner be sufficient? Or, is there another way? The person who owned the car has died and I'm dealing with his daughter. I do not know if she has registered the car in her name as the car has been stored in a garage for a few years. If she has not registered the car and it is still in her late father's name, what is the position? What documents do I need to register the car? To register the car, do I first need to have it CT inspected and then bring the CT certificate to the Prefecture? Hopefully, some kind person might be able to answer the above questions. Thank you. in advance!  

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Hello,  We added gasoline to our diesel golf and it now won't start!! We just moved here and need a good volkswagon mechanic. Please help!! Thanks, Gregg

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Hi, I have a used French registered car that I am exporting to the UK. It's registered in my name and I have a Certificate d'Immatriculation for it. I've worked out how to import it into the UK (which involves sending the C d'I tot he DVLA in the UK), but how do I cancel the registration in France? Just a Certificate de Cession?   Thanks

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Would it be better to drive from:  Clemont Ferrand- St. Etienne - Velence - Crest - Gap - Barcelonette -Allos in our somewhat sluggish 1.6TD VW camper?  Many thanks    

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Hi Could anyone recommend a car transporter to pick up a small, light (1000kgs) car, near Colmars and deliver it to near Reading UK? Engine is seized. Or, maybe someone knows a person returning to the UK with an empty car trailer? Anywhere in the South UK would be great from 17 - 27 th Sept. Alternatively, someone near Allos to transport it to Avignon / or N. France (near ferries) Thank you. chelt67@mail.com

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Hi Driving a somewhat sluggish VW Westfalia 1.6TD from Dieppe, via Clemont Ferrand/Avignon to Allos and wonder what is the least high road we could take ? Any advice most welcomed and appreciated? Many thanks    

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We have an old but little used Eldis caravan in storage about 10 miles north west of Annecy. We would like to move it but need it servicing first. Can anyone recommend an English and French speaking person who could help us?

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Does anyone know if there is a campervan/spares shop anywhere between Geneva and Chamonix?

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Hi, Can anybody recommend an English speaking driving instructor in the Rhone-Alpes please, prefferably near Aix-les-Bains, Chambery, Albertville or Moutiers. Thank you.

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Hi All, I had a small accident with my car and I am looking for a place near Thonon where they can fix it. Anyone has a suggestion? Thanks, Kalman

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Hi, I live in St. Julien en Genevois and I would like to do a motorbike license. I do have a regular (car) driving license, but with all the mountains around, I thought it would be a nice idea to get a proper motorbike. My problem is that as my primary residence is France - I have to do it in France (according to the EU) - but I am now looking for weeks already and I cannot find a school, that offers lessons in English. I would be willing to translate all the French theory books on my own and bring a translator to the official theory test - but at least for the practical part, I need someone that can explain it in English (or German). I would be willing to do it wherever (Annecy, Annemasse, Ain - anything that is not more than 50km from Geneva) - so if anyone knows a place, please give me a shout. Thanks Stefan

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