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Hi! We are hoping to relocate our family from Canada to Annecy next summer. My oldest son will be 4 and I understand it is mandatory for him to be in school, however from what I've read it looks like we would need to register him at the town hall by June and we won't be there until late August. Does anyone know how this would work? Should I contact the school and try to register him from Canada before we leave? Will I be able to walk in and register him when we arrive in August? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

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 MessageHi there Does anyone know if there are any mum & baby actvitiy groups (like babygym) held in or around Saint Gervais sur mare? I can't really find anything - its for a 11 month old. Many thanks

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HiWe just recently moved to 34610 SAINT-GERVAIS-SUR-MARE. I've got a 11 month old baby that I'm looking to makes some friends. I m wondering if there is anyone that has similar age baby's that would like to get together? I don't drive which makes it difficult for me to get anywhere at moment. My husband is a chef so constantly working. If there is anyone up for getting together let me know

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Hello, intending to move from Toronto, Canada to Limoux, and I wanted to do some research.  Unfortunately, I am not finding too much information here.  My son is fully bilingual, and will be in Grade 6 in September.  Can someone help, starting with a list of school(s) please?

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Hi there!I was wondering if anybody knew of any mother and baby groups in the Haute Savoie and Isere region? or if there are any baby activity groups, like music in the area etc....Hope to hear from you 

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Hello, i am looking for feedback on Red Apple School & Haute-Savoie Bilingual School in Annecy, any one got kids there & can let me know your feedback on those schools? Thanks a lot!

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Hi does anyone know of an English Speaking piano teacher in the the Chamonix area or slightly further afield as Id like our two children to keep up with their lessons after moving to the area recently. Thanks

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Hi there Does anyone know if there are any mum & baby actvitiy groups (like babygym) held in or around Annemasse? I can only find things like this in Geneva - its for a 19month old. Many thanks

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Hi, I have just landed a job working in the French Alps this winter. My GF and her daughter are cominng with me (as she doesn't trust me to come back!) and her daughter (14) will have to go to school. Have any other Seasonairs had experience of taking kids with them and putting them in a French schools? Dave.  

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Hi there  I am an English law student from London. I have some time off before I start my job and I would really like to improve my French which I studied at school and intend to study further at the end of this year. I have experience nannying all different ages and ideally am looking for work with a French speaking family in the Alps (preferably in a ski resort) who need someone from January 2016.  Any help in this would be great.  Thank you 

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Hello, I'm seeking advice on relocation to Grenoble.  We are potentially moving there later this year. Any hint/tips on the below gratefully received!: 1.  School/Nursery options for my kids(3.5yrs and 2 yrs old) in Grenoble.    We are a British family so somewhere where there is support for English speakers is preferred.  I understand the school system does not start until 6 yrs of age but I'd like to get feel for the options available for younger kids. 2.  Areas to live/avoid? My wife does not drive to this is a limiting factor. Thanks.  

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I want to send my 16yr old son to a non-international , French boarding school in the Annecy area for a total immersion experience . Has any-one any suggestions ? Many thanks in anticipation , Zigger .

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Hi everyone, We are a french family living actually in glasgow, scotland. We were before in singapore for a year and have 2 kids who always studied in english school, so they speak english and french. We will move in september to geneva, and we are looking for a house between geneva and annecy (because of prices...). For the kids we 've tried to find a bilingual school but there is a few and they all said they are fully booked for september 2014, so I  am desperatly looking for english student, nanny or association for my kids to keep the english language. If you are a  nanny, or english speaking family, or student and you can help me , it can be wonderfull!!! just contact me

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" Entrepreneurs five times more likely to suffer from dyslexia than the average UK citizen"(Professor Julie Logan, Cass Business School, London)An interesting and motivational statistic maybe, but when coping with the challenges of learning to read and write in the French system, a successful post education career seems a distant dream.I know my children are intelligent, gifted and have a certain 'kick in their heels', yet the school seems to focus on their difficulties alone, ignoring the opportunity to build on their abilities.Is anybody else manoeuvrering their dyslexic child through the French education system? I would be very interested to hear your experiences, good and bad, and discuss successful strategies with you.How can we raise their confidence and self esteem? Are there areas where you see your child excelling, not necessarily within school, where non dyslexic children struggle? If we can gather enough stories and experiences I would like to produce a 'for parents written by parents support guide' looking at the positives for a change. If dyslexia creates entrepreneurs, there must be plenty! Please contact me here or via email, and let's share our knowledge. Thank you! Julie

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Hi looking for a wedding celebrant in the Haute Savoie for a Jan wedding? Any suggestions? Thanks

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Hi anyone know of any English speaking church services in the Chamonix valley areas? Thanks for any help!

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Hello all,  We are considering to move to Grenoble next year.  (summer 2014)  I have written the headmaster of the American School about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't heard back so I thought I'd give the discussion board a try.  (school may be out)  I read on the American School website that I should contact the headmaster regarding which school to apply to:  CSI vs American school because you couldn't apply to the American school if you already applied to CSI.  Here's our situation:  We have 10 year old boy/girl twins who do not speak french.  We would be coming to France in 6th grade (American school system), so they'd be starting college.  We are going to try our best to learn some french, though workbooks, rosetta stone, etc. before we come next year.  We are moving to France to give the children another language school and culture.  Our plan is to stay for at least two years.  Private schools are not in our budget so we originally thought of CSI with the anglo-section for the children.  (American school we could possibly swing the fees)  We would like them to become fluent in french.  If anyone has any suggestions about both schools, we'd be greatly appreciative to hear all opinions!   Also, both our children ski, and our daughter figure skates.  Are there any clubs for children for these two activities?  Where would be a good place to live?  (close to CSI/American if possible)  Thank you very much,  Jennifer 

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I recently found out was pregnant!  My GP speaks english and probably will refer me to a midwife/doctor for my pregnancy however I was hoping to get a recommendation if this proves to be difficult or I want to have options. I am looking within the Annecy area.  Thank you.    

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HI,   We moved to France 10 years ago, with our daughter who was then 9. She had had a few problems at scool in the UK and her teacher told us she suspected it was mild Dyspraxia but our GP would not even agree to an assessment as he said it was poppycock! However,she has always had some difficulties, mosty with her orgnaisational capabilities which are non existent, she looses everything and cannot understand Maths on any level, though has done OK in other subjects. She is now 19 and in her last year of her Baccalaureate. Over the years we have practically begged the various schools here for extra help as we have seen her struggling, but we just get the same response that she is lazy and naughty. We sent her privately to an autophonist who confirmed there was a problem but there was no label for it and after 6 months our daughter still had not improved. I relayed all the details to the head of section at Lyceewhen she started, but she still gets no extra help or support and they still dont see a problem and just think she is a scatter brain. I feel like screaming - here is a child that still put her shoes on the wrong feet when she was 12 because she could not see which way round they fit. She still has to look at a clock really carefully to tell the time, she cannot organise anything and she looses everything- money, keys, phone, bags, books,everything - not occasionally, or even regularly, but daily. We just lurch from one crisis to the next. Now at 19 she doesn't respect any boundaries or think of the consequences of any actions to the point of putting her own life in danger more than once.  Her school work is non existent and when asked about it, she just says she is so far behind everyone else there is no point in even trying. I am neither stupid or naive - I know teenagers are difficult, but this is very different and no one is taking me seriously. I have spoken with our doctor and he just prescribes homeopathic type anti depressants ( for me and her!) I don't know where to go to get her the help she needs. I have other children so can clearly see that she is different - I am not a neurotic parent - just at the end of my tether. Can anyone tell me where to start? Thanks.  

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Hi there We are a family with 3 children moving from central france to the Alps next week!!! We have been in France 5 years so know the routine etc with schools etc, but I am leaving all my lovely friends, and would like to meet other mums with kids that can give me helpful info on the area. My kids are nearly 13, 10 & 4. Thanks Kim x

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