Financial support for single mum in France after break up

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Hi there, Looking for friendly, helpful advice here please from single mums or people who have close friends as single mums and know the situation. I'm living in a French ski resort town , with my boyfriend and two kids (2 and 4 years). We met 7 years ago here, he is not French or British, and now our relationship is deteriorating I must make some decisions, about where I live with my children - either returning to the UK or here. All though I'd love to have my family near by (as I would have i the UK) I'm not sure I'm ready to  give up on life here, when my kids are happy in school and creche and I have a good friendship group. Plus they'd have there dad near by, as there's no way he'd move to the UK. Hence I'm keen to know if I could financially survive. I definitely can't survive on my income - I work three days a week as an AE and make around 12k. Obviously I need to properly look into this, but I realized I literally know zero single mums here! Where do I start? 

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