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Hi all,We're getting married in June near Mâcon in Burgundy and are looking for hog roast caterers. We tried different caterer but no answer.... Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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Nomadic Ski Holidays are looking for dynamic kitchen/chalet staff to join our team in Chamonix. Ideally chefs and cooks who have experience in cooking and presentation of meals to a high standard for up to 20 guests.To apply please send your CV, a recent photo and passport/citizenship details to team@nomadicski.com

started by: mel -howard-873867 · last update: 1478460942 · posted: 1478460942

HelloI currently run a food truck in the Calvados region and I am looking for a placement for it for the ski season in either Morzine or Avoriaz if anyone has any thoughts or ideas please contact me  

started by: skivy · last update: 1382191278 · posted: 1382184469

I am on holiday in January in the French Alps with a group of people.  Love an Indian. so any suggestions of where we can buy the sauces.

started by: mcampbell-921218 · last update: 1377955978 · posted: 1377955978

Hi, does anyone know of any websites or companies or friends that require help with grape picking this September/October? I am looking to get involved.   Thank you.

started by: Hammer-479068 · last update: 1377521903 · posted: 1326369746

Hi can anyone recommend a good supplier as ive just got rid of my usual one as he was hopeless. Thanks for any help!

started by: Ho Ho Ho · last update: 1373884311 · posted: 1369589066

Hi anyone heard of any English speaking wine clubs in the Alps? we have some great wines here id love to find one to share experiences and events. Thanks

started by: taylor73 · last update: 1367935136 · posted: 1367935136

Hi there just wondered if anyone could tell me of any foods that people know of over here that contain aspartame of any other harm full additives, especially in kids food. I've been doing a lot of research into this atm & have seen extensive lists of food in the UK but wondered if anyone else followed a diet over here that excludes these chemicals? I'm assuming its fairly easy as you dont see many low sugar/ sugar free items over here. But just wondered if things like the pomme pots for kids contain any?? thanks.

started by: Fiona(50) · last update: 1360599762 · posted: 1360429731

Got 20 for dinner soon, mixture french and english, anyone got any good recipes for starters that i can prepare in advance,  and then cook in oven, and thats easy to plate up. looked on loads of food sites but nothing rocks my boat, looking for something simple but tasty, hot or cold.

started by: Leif-481765 · last update: 1360063869 · posted: 1359029559

Hi anyone know where the best place is in Downtown Grenoble to buy Ethnic ( Thai & Indian ) spices and cooking products? Thanks for any tip offs!

started by: Twinkle-481470 · last update: 1359024618 · posted: 1359024618

Hi anyone recommend a butcher or shop where i can buy some veal shanks for Osso Bucco in the Annemasse area of French alps? Maybe a trip into Geneva? Thanks for any help!

started by: Sallyann-481674 · last update: 1354815659 · posted: 1354726301

Looking in particular for Mincemeat to make some mince pies! Has anyone seen any jars anywhere in the Annecy area or within an hours drive? Maybe some supermarkets are stocking English christmas things. Thanks

started by: Flee · last update: 1350999440 · posted: 1350899266

Hi anyone know where i can buy a big Turkey for around 8 people in the Gex area? I will travel to most areas in an hours drive 01, 74 etc as i cant find a bird anywhere. Thanks

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Hi any one know of any stockists in the Chamonix Valley? Need it for next weekend!

started by: Dannyboy-479714 · last update: 1337799727 · posted: 1337706306

Hi anyone know of a GOOD indian restaurant within a 30-40 min drive of the Annecy area? Thanks if you do!

started by: strawberry-478968 · last update: 1336384977 · posted: 1336384977

Hi does anyone know of a company delivering to the Haute Savoie areas. I know this is getting pretty popular in other areas of France.Thanks

started by: fuzzy-479300 · last update: 1320936034 · posted: 1320936034

Is there anywhere in 74 that sells mincemeat for Christmas baking? Thanks

started by: strawberry-478968 · last update: 1320508163 · posted: 1319716337

Hi anyone know where i can get these from in 74. Strange request from future Chalet Guests! Not really sure what they are!

started by: Freddyx · last update: 1319127065 · posted: 1319127065

Hi has anyone used one of these or recommended them to guests to save money? Looks a good deal but not sure how it will work and perhaps trouble to get it accepted in bars and restos etc.

started by: strawberry-478968 · last update: 1312816916 · posted: 1267138583

Hi all, Does anyone know of anywhere i can get this as the supermarkets dont seem to stock it. Maybe someone knows of a good french equivalent as i cant live without it !!

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