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Apple iphone 11 pro reconditionné (64 go, 128 go, 256 go) Or, Argent, Gris sidéral & Vert minuit- Vous cherchez un Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max remis à neuf? Achetez la meilleure qualité iPhone 11 Pro Max reconditionné certifié au prix le plus bas accompagné.

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I've decided I need to revamp my wardrobe, but I really struggle to find clothes that fit well. Trousers tend to be too short etc. Can anyone point me in the direction of a shop that does clothes for the slightly taller, fuller figure? Around Grenoble if possible. Thanks.

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Hi All,I am new to this site.  When I have received a speeding fine in the post I have paid it in the past with no problem on line.  However.  I need to pay a speeding fine that I only knew about cos I am selling my van and there is a block on me selling it until I pay an unpaid fine.  I never received the letter with the code on it to easier go on line and pay it.  I am paying someone to help me with this but we have gotten to a dead end.  The only contact to pay the fine is a phone number, no email.  The person helping me as been calling the number everyday for the past 2 weeks and no one answers and just a message saying "there is no one to take your call".  She has spoke to other people that can not help, they just tell her to phone the number that no one answers.  Does anyone have any info that may help me.  I have written a letter but had no answer yet.  I need to pay the fine to sell my van to a buyer that is being very patient with me.  The name and address of the people i need to pay is.Centre Amendes Service31945 TOULOUSE cedex 9Tél. : 0821 080 031  Thanks in advance.

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Hi peeps,I know a lot of you fine people are now living in France, but do you sometimes get homesick and miss the great English weather lol ? Have you ever thought it might be nice to have a little bolt hole for when you want to visit the family. We are a lovely friendly park in Kent. We are opposite golden sandy beaches and back onto a beautiful nature reserve which boasts endless amounts of wild flowers and bird watching is a favourite with our owners.Our Holiday homes start from just £15.995 , We have 2 and 3 bedrooms in stock with choices of double glazing and central heating.  For more information please email me on anne.white@parkdean-resorts.com I look forward to hearing from you but for now "bonne journee" 

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Hi, I am currently living in the french alps doing winter season, working as a ski and snowboard teacher. I have the French qualifications for this. I would like to live here on a yearly basis. I have a UK electrician qualification, as a domestic installer. I would like to use it out here. Where do I stand with this. how do I get my qualifications recognise in the France.  

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Hey all. So me and my partner have just moved to Annecy and we would love to meet other English people as we are finding it hard to make French friends as we learn the language. If anyone is interested in meeting up and talking and getting to know each other that would be good. 

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What is the notice period for an unfurnished flat

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Hi there,We’re looking at going here - http://www.snowchateaux.com/christmas-ski-deals/ but the prices are a little on the expensive side.  Does anyone else know of any good chalet companies with good Xmas deals?

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I'm planning to travel over to the Alps region for cycling holiday 2/3 week of July can anyone recommend the best location to areas of iconic climbs and of possible accomodation .ThankyoU

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We are looking for a really good quality holiday  rental, ideally in central Evian  or Thonon. Two bedrooms, parking etc. in June. Grateful to receive help? Thank you.

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Hello, Being an avid lover of mountains, I would like to move somewhere in the French Alps. I don't know the area very well but would like to be somewhere that's not too isolated. I'm a gardener by profession and as most of my clients in the past have been expats, I'd like to be near a community, but also close to a larger town or city. Does anybody have any thoughts on a good place to explore. Thanks for any suggestions!Mark

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I've been teaching English here in St Julien for past 8 years and have built up a great little business I'm moving back to England in August and looking for someone to take over. Lovely students from 6 yrs to 16years. Is it you ?? I don't want to leave them with nothing.

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Hello all, My Father has gone missing while walking from the mountain village of Marie in the Tinee Valley area of the Alpes Maritimes. We are trying to make sure his infomation is spread as far as possible in case he turns up somewhere.Please share this post with everybody you can. Especially people in the Region. https://www.facebook.com/danny.armstrongwood/posts/876352982291here is a copy of the text unfortuanly I do seem to be able to attach photos here. Please help if you can it is a very sad time for us. Below is a copy of the text you'll find in the link. Many thanks, Richard (son of David Wood) t is with much pain that we have to report the disappearance of our beloved father, husband and best friend, David Wood. He was last seen on a walk to Clans from the mountain village of Marie in the Tinee Valley area of the Alpes Maritimes on Tuesday 2nd August at around 1:30-1:45. The walk (about 6k) was relatively straightforward and a well-known route from the Village. Although there were some sheer drops, rocky patches and a number of rivers these areas have been searched extensively by many people (family, police, mountain rescue teams, a highly equipped helicopter and pretty well all the local villagers who were able). It has not rained in the area for over a week so the rivers are not strong enough to carry anyone along, and the search helicopter would have seen anything in the most dangerous spots. Dave is 61 years old, with a full head of curly white hair, he was walking with two blue walking poles, wearing sturdy walking boots, a bright orange cap, beige linen trousers, sun glasses, and a brown t-shirt with a Colombian motif. He is strong, with a reasonable level of fitness but was recently diagnosed with slightly raised blood pressure (which his walking exercise was helping to bring down!). He was expected back at his house in Marie at around 2:30 for a business conference, and he had stopped answering his phone from around 2:15. The main facts are: that it is one of the hottest times in the day to do this walk. We knew he was getting tired, because our mum/Val was very concerned and had rung him twice. The second time he admitted to tiredness. After these two calls he phone continued to ring, but he did not answer. If he fell on the path or just off the path, he would have been found. The forest nearby is very dense and although he is an inquisitive person he would not put himself in any unnecessary risk, so walking deep into it seems highly unlikely, especially as he knew that he had to be back home soon, these areas have also been heavily searched. His absence is completely out of character and he is in a very happy place in his life, in particular during these summers in France. It is now the fifth night, our worry has turned to confusion, fear, sadness, and back to worry again, nothing is making any sense. Our concerns are that the sun might have effected him, or that he fell over then woke with concussion maybe he walked down to the mountains in a confused state, If this is the case it is very possible that he made it to the road below, was he picked up by someone? Or and it destroys us just thinking about it, is he still out there? If so where is he? and why is he so far from the path? Please, if by sharing this post you think can help us we would be very grateful, on the off chance you know anybody in France (South), have any advice, ideas or connections, we need all the help we can get at this painful time. Much love, Danny, Richard and Val _____________________________________________________ Chers Amis, C'est avec beaucoup de peine que nous vous informons que notre cher père, mari et meilleur ami David Wood a disparu. On l'a vu pour la dernière fois pendant qu'il marchait vers Clans à partir du village de montagne Marie dans la vallée du Tinee (Aples Maritimes), le mardi 2 août vers 13h30-13h45. Ce chemin (à peu près 6 kilomètres) ne comporte pas de difficultés particulières ; c'est un chemin bien connu à partir du village.. Bien qu'il comporte quelques endroits pentus, des parties caillouteuses et plusieurs rivières, ces endroits on été parcourus par plusieurs personnes (membres de la famille, la police, des équipes de secours, un équipage d'hélicoptères, et presque tous les villageois capables de chercher). Il n'a pas plu dans cette région depuis une semaine donc les rivières ne sont pas suffisamment fortes pour emporter quelqu'un. Une recherche par hélicoptère aurait vu quelquechose dans les endroits les plus dangereux. Dave a 61 ans. Il a des cheveux blancs bouclés ; il marchait avec 2 batons de marche ; il portait de bonnes chaussures de marche, une casquette orange, un pantalon beige, des lunettes de soleil et un T-shirt marron ayant un motif Columbian. Il est quelqu'un de fort, ayant un bon niveau de santé mais a été récemment diagnostiqué avec une tension un peu élévée ( ce que son exercice régulier de marche commençait à faire descendre). On l'attendait chez lui à Marie vers 14h30 pour une conférence pour le travail ; il n'a plus répondu au téléphone à partir de 14h15. C'est un fait que cette heure de la journée est la plus chaude pour faire ce genre de marche. Nous savions qu'il commençait à être fatigué, parce que notre Maman Val a été très inquiète et l'a appelé deux fois. La 2° fois il a reconnu être fatigué. Après ces 2 appels, il n'a plus répondu. S'il était tombé du chemin ou en dehors du chemin, on l'aurait trouvé. La forêt à proximité est très dense et bien qu'il soit quelqu'un de curieux il n'aurait pas pris de risques....Pénétrer dans la forêt semble très improbable, surtout qu'il se savait attendu à la maison. Ces régions ont été passées au peigne fin. Son absence est complètement incompréhensible. Il est fort heureux dans sa vie, surtout pendant ses étés en France. C'est la 5° nuit. Notre soucis devient confusion, peur, tristesse, et surtout inquiétude. Rien ne semble avoir de sens. Nous pensons peut-être que le soleil a pu l'affecter, ou bien qu'il soit tombé et se soit fracturé le crâne. Peut-être a-t-il pu descendre des montagnes dans un état second. Peut-être a-t-il pu trouver une route plus bas.....a-t-il été amené par quelqu'un ?? Ou bien, et c'est ce qui nous effraie le plus, est-il encore dans la montagne ? Si oui, où est-il ?? Pourquoi est-il si loin du chemin ?? S'il vous plaît, si vous pouvez partager ce courrier, si vous pensez pouvoir nous aider, nous vous serions très reconnaissants. Nous avons besoin de toute aide possible dans ce douleureux moment. Gros Bisous de nous tous Danny, Rich & Valerie

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Bonjour mes amis,I hope that you are all well and happy.I thought that I would share a recommendation with you for a lovely pub that I have just spent a couple of very pleasant hours in watching wales win their-our first match in a major tournament in a long long time.I am in the greenmonkey pub in chinaillon which is just outside le grand bornand in haute savoie and have very much enjoyed my visit. There is a good selection of beers and sports channels on their tv and the hospitality of the owners who are french-polish has been very welcoming.I shall certainly remember this place for my next visit to the area.Oh yeah,It also has a very good wifi reception too.Love and stuff to allJamie xx

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good eveningWe need to find somewhere to leave our motorhome for 10 nights from 23/7 collect 02/8. We are en route to Italy so we would like to find somewhere near Chambery on the E70. We will need to hire a car for our onward journey so the site needs to be close to a large enough town where we can hire a car. Field, barn, drive, back yard....anything. Sensible suggestions welcomeSusie and Gerard

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Hi all I have lived in another part of France for many years and I am a qualified heating Engineer in France. In October My Wife and I are moving to the Alps along with my 5 children  . The question is where aroun Cluses are  the best schools and best communities to enable the kids to settle.. Any thoughts would be appreciated??ThanksMark

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This is a new group set up regarding BREXIT called RIFT - Remain in France together and has some very good information.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RemainInFranceTogether/

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In protest of recent labour-law reforms, several unions will be on strike on Thursday 26 May. This strike will likely affect public transportation, taxis, air travel and ferries as well as schools and government workers. If you’re planning to travel on that date, please check directly with your carrier. In addition, recent blocades of refineries by striking unions will likely mean continued fuel shortages in some areas in France.Strikes In The French Alps A national/general strike is also planned for Tuesday 14 June which could again disrupt transportation and public-sector services.

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Hi! My name is John McGhee, artist, musician working on a record in Samoens. I am looking for a return lift to Geneva one day this week to work in a garden and make a little much needed money. Anyone going daily or on a regular basis? If you want to check me out my website is sacred spaceman.com      Thanks! Tel 0041 (0)764419054

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