How to pay a fine without having the fines letter.

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Hi All,I am new to this site.  When I have received a speeding fine in the post I have paid it in the past with no problem on line.  However.  I need to pay a speeding fine that I only knew about cos I am selling my van and there is a block on me selling it until I pay an unpaid fine.  I never received the letter with the code on it to easier go on line and pay it.  I am paying someone to help me with this but we have gotten to a dead end.  The only contact to pay the fine is a phone number, no email.  The person helping me as been calling the number everyday for the past 2 weeks and no one answers and just a message saying "there is no one to take your call".  She has spoke to other people that can not help, they just tell her to phone the number that no one answers.  Does anyone have any info that may help me.  I have written a letter but had no answer yet.  I need to pay the fine to sell my van to a buyer that is being very patient with me.  The name and address of the people i need to pay is.Centre Amendes Service31945 TOULOUSE cedex 9Tél. : 0821 080 031  Thanks in advance.

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