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Does someone here know a good English speaking gynecologist and obstetrician? Kindly DM me the details. ThnaksSam

started by: Pelin-Erkent-914662 · last update: 1510688721 · posted: 1510688721

Hi,Does anyone have some names for English or German-speaking doctors in Grenoble? You can PM me the answer. Thanks in advance.

started by: Jessica-Russell-894374 · last update: 1488290499 · posted: 1488290499

Hello, I am desperately searching for an english speaking (even if just basic) Gynecologist in Pays Gex area, I would even be happy to travel further in France. I am newly pregnant and and need to find somewhere to have my first scan. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find a doctor who is available let alone speaks English.What do I do if I can't find someone? Surely there is some sort of rule that pregnant women HAVE to be seen by someone?English speaking is obviously my preference but I could try stumble through with my basic French.Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank you

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Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the Cote d'Azur to get a non-toxic or "green" manicure? Thanks!

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Was wondering if anyone can recommend an English speak gynecologist in Grenoble? Thanks in advance!  

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Does anyone know a good English speaking gynecologist in Grenoble? I would be very happy about information. As far as I understood these information can only be send directly via email (due to French regulations not to post contact details of medical personnel). Thanks a lot!

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Hello! I'm looking for English speaking gynecologist in grenoble! Could someone help me with the list? 

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I'm looking for a good English-speaking gynaecologist in/near Thonon-Les-Bains. Please send me a message if you know someone. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Best, Eva

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Hi, Can someone please recommend a GOOD English speaking Dentist in either Grenoble, Chambery, Annecy or even Lyon? The last time I had a crown done, he did the wrong one and still wanted his 1200 Euros (which I found out was way overpriced. I don't want to repeat that experience so I'd like to get a recommendation from the community. Thanks, Cynthia

started by: Paul day · last update: 1428962952 · posted: 1428962952

Hi, can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in the chamonix area? I need an extraction & then a replacement with an implant, so it might mean 2 separate people   Thanks

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Hi in am looking for a good colourist & hairdresser.  I live in the 05 area briancon where we have limited acces to such things.  If anyone knows of any good ones in grenoble, gap or surrounding areas then please let me know.  Wil long to drive upto 2h to fine one...  Still cheaper than flingue back to england.  they DO Not need to speak english.  Please help thanks 

started by: Savoie Simon · last update: 1415103662 · posted: 1415103662

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good English speaking dentist in the Savoie Tarentaise area? I live near Aix-Les-Bains and travel to work in Les Menuires so anywhere along the way would be good i.e. Aix-Les-Bains, Chambery, Albertville, Moutiers, Brides-Les-Bains or surrounding areas. I don't think you can post Dentists contact details so please reply by email. Thanks, Simon.

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Hello everyone, I am looking for a good, possibly english speaker dentist in or near Thonon. Please if anyone have information, share it with me. Thank you in advance, Kalman

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Can anyone refer me to a GOOD dentist in the Annecy area? I'm also willing to driver farther afield if necessary. Looking for a skilled, detail oriented dentist. The last one I visited only cleaned a part of my teeth! Really! Does not need to speak English. French language is fine. Thanks!

started by: sarahgoodyer · last update: 1392746088 · posted: 1392304860

I am looking for a hairdresser who is prepared to travel to Annecy to do wedding hair. Does anyone have any contacts or reccomendations? Thanks!

started by: Klaus S · last update: 1388159549 · posted: 1336839524

Hi there, anyone recommend an english or german speaking dentist n/near Thonon les Bains? mailto: klasok@web.de thanks

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Hi weve been in the French Alps for over a year now. The first thing we did was apply for a carte vitale which we have yet to recieve. We have a piece of paper which we have to take everywhere medical, but its getting very tatty and i hate getting it out. Does anyone know how long one must wait to get the proper card? Ive rung and been told there is a backlog?

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Anyone know of an English speaking dentist please?  

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Hello We live near Beaufort in the winter and I am searching for a hairdresser who is great at cutting hair. French or English is fine and a salon or domicile is great but any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you   Frances

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Hello All Im sure this topic has been talked about before, but wondered if anyone could talk me through their experiences. I am moving with my partner to France and will be getting a carte vitale eventually, once accomodation etc...is sorted, I will be travelling for about three months prior. What is the best thing to do in the meantime, we have EHIC cards and initial travel insurance.  Does anyone know of a reasonable! medical insurance prior to CV coming though?? Also I have been working in U.K so I do just request a S1 form before I leave? I take it as my partner hasnt been working, he will have to have private insurance until he has been working in France for a period of time? Any advice, stories would be greatly received..Thanks  

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