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Hello,We are a couple with a son and we are looking for an apartment to rent in the Annecy region.  We are open to locations outside of this up to 15km away.Please contact me if you have a place that we can consider.Kind Regards,Mrs Trevisan

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i am 43year old i wating for a job villa.near the antibes.juan les pins

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I now live in the Gers, and we have identified this moth as attacking some or all of the 4 palm-trees in our garden - all Trachycarpus Fortuneii, and some showing clear evidence of presence of the moth in markings/perforations to fronds. I have photos of the butterfly, hitch match exactly those in a recent local newspaper report in La Dépèche. I have caught & disposed of  a number of butterflies, but I suspect larvae are already present in some of the trees, varying in age & height. There was a string of useful discussion in here, which need 7yrs ago, so I am appealing for assistance wth current thinking, treatments, and other initiatives. I am keen to neutralise the threat and save our trees, and have also notified the local Mairie.Thank youBarrie 

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We recently bought a house and have discovered that water is leaking in through one of the outside walls and has damaged paintwork in the house. I think the fault comes from a seal from an outside balcony that has detached from the wall and taken some of the wall cladding away with it. The house is covered by the 10 year constructors insurance but i cannot tell whether this problem is covered by that or not. On the one hand water damage is covered but problems with wall facades are not. Anyone got any guidance or resource i can refer to?Jon

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Does anyone know of a place to get hold of either second or new good quality oak wood for shutters?

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I'm Plasterer from the uk now living in france.  Please follow this link  https://www.facebook.com/pdsplastering74110/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel to my Facebook page for pictures of my work supported with references.  Please contact me if you need any plastering doing.  Thanks.

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Hi We have a chalet in Chamonix and it needs a new balcony. Does anyone know a good company that can offer a reasonable price to replace our current one?thanks

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HiI am looking for 3 bedrooms house to rent or live in to take care of the house  until summer 2017 near Montelimar (drome). I am actually in the process of building my house but can't stay any longer  in the place I am right now. I have 2 children ad 2 dogs small size but all educated and respectfull. I am French native but came back to France 4 years ago from Ireland and previously 8 years in US; I work from home but will be delighted to help expat during their staying in France.Thank you.Sylvie

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We are a french couple based in Annecy. We both have our own business in ecological gardening, we get experiences with permaculture, organic vegetable garden and small orchards.We can caring of your garden, your trees, create flowers beds, fruit hedgerows...almost all what you'd like  (it depends on what equipment you have)Also building experiencesEnglish speaking (we travelled in Australia, New Zeland, England, Denmark...)Mat Contact : eko-s@hotmail.fr

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Hi, Were thinking of moving from french telecom as our bills seem very expensive compared to some other providers like phonexpat etc. Has anyone switched away from FT and have any experiences good or bad? and who would you reccommend? thanks

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The facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced gardeners to share advice and tips and what grows sucessfully where in the country.  It would be great to see more members from your area - have a look at fb page GARDENERS IN FRANCE or I have posted a link below https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/

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Hi all Im aching to watch UK TV and was wondering how people do it here in the French Alps?,,I can't put up a Sky Dish if thats the only way? Any help appreciated! 

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Hi I am buying a house in Chatreuse in Isere and am at the moment planning everything. I have found most things I need and suppliers, but I am struggling to find the correct french term to find a company that will do the following I need a 3cm specialist concrete scree to be poured over the laid electrical heating mats, and levelled - for 3 large rooms (all about 30m2). And I cannot for the life of me find the generic french term that will describe that sort of company any hints will be gratefully received merci Andy

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I have just bought a house in the Savioe, and want to repair the grouting between the stones of the house, I have seen it reported in France there are companies you can send an sample of your existing grout and they will make you a dry mix to match. Does anyone one know of a company who does this service Many thanks Andy Boyd

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Hi looking for a reputable builder / tradesperson for a chalet refurb in Morzine. Thanks for any recommendations.

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Anyone know of someone who can come and clear an apartment of existing furnishings from St Martin de Belleville?  Good quality beds and furniture including: 4 x single beds, bedside tables, dining room table & chairs, tv stand, book shelves, wicker chairs, rugs etc.    

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Hi,,,anyone seen Christmas Crackers for sale in the Haute Savoie? Im based in Annecy,,,thanks

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Hi, We are looking for an appartment in St Gervais or around there to rent for the winter season 2015/16. There are 3 of us. A couple and one child (14).  We are looking for a studio that wil sleep 4 or a 2 bedroom appartment. Ideally, we would like to pay monthly rather than the seasons rent upfront. Can anybody help or point me inn the right ddirection please? Thanks, Dave.

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I have a lovely new 2 bed 1 bath apartment up at Doucy near Valmorel, Savoie, which I am looking to rent out as a holiday let. I am trying to find a good changeover service for it - preferably on Saturdays but that isn't a complete deal breaker. Does anyone know of any changeover services that cover that area? Thanks

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