Painting Varnished Ceiling

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Hi, We have a pine panelled ceiling in our living room which has been varnished. It is Dark, Dingy and Depressing! I wish to paint it matt white and would welcome advice from anyone who has actually done this. I have a stock of Dulux emulsion and undercoat that I hope to use. I would welcome the benefit of anyone's experiences - good or bad!


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How is your lounge heated? If it has a wood stove or open fire (or if there are or were smokers in the house) some of the brown on the ceiling might be deposits of tar. If this is the case you will have to get rid of that before you paint, or it will come through the new paint and make it all yellow in no time. You would need to wash thoroughly with a solution of sugar soap (I think here they sell a product called Oxydrine) and then rinse it off.

Is the varnish on the wood a modern polyurethane type or a shellac-type, or is it in fact a wood stain? Is it matt or shiny? If it is shiny you should remove as much of it as possible before you try to paint. Sanding a ceiling is not easy, even with an electric sander. You could use a chemical paint & varnish stripper (décaptant) but be very careful not to let any drop on you, as it is very nasty stuff!

Good luck!

Our lounge ceiling had laminate wall boards on it! But it is normal now! :-)

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