Paysandisia Archon

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I now live in the Gers, and we have identified this moth as attacking some or all of the 4 palm-trees in our garden - all Trachycarpus Fortuneii, and some showing clear evidence of presence of the moth in markings/perforations to fronds. I have photos of the butterfly, hitch match exactly those in a recent local newspaper report in La Dépèche. I have caught & disposed of  a number of butterflies, but I suspect larvae are already present in some of the trees, varying in age & height. There was a string of useful discussion in here, which need 7yrs ago, so I am appealing for assistance wth current thinking, treatments, and other initiatives. I am keen to neutralise the threat and save our trees, and have also notified the local Mairie.Thank youBarrie 


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