Reparing Stone work of our new property

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I have just bought a house in the Savioe, and want to repair the grouting between the stones of the house, I have seen it reported in France there are companies you can send an sample of your existing grout and they will make you a dry mix to match. Does anyone one know of a company who does this service Many thanks Andy Boyd


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Of course I mean pointing

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Hi Andy,I can not help with the answer on this but shall be keeping my eyes out for responses as I would also like to know if there is any truth in this. I am a dry stone waller and I also do a lot of pointing on properties around france and trying to get that perfect match is always a tough thing to do. A cheating way of getting by it is just getting it done in the same style ie;wire brushed or sponged and then paint over the joints with either a very wet lime mix or a breathable paint.

The biggest tip that I can offer you for doing your pointing is take your time and clean the stone with clean water as you go. Do change your container of clean water often.

Very best wishes


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Here seems to be the answer:

Buy a bag of yellow sand, and  bag of white sand and a bag of the cement lime mix (e.g.Tradiblanc)  all big DIY chains carry all these in France.

Then with yoghurt pot as a bucket make test mixes of the white to yellow sand mix, till it dries to your colour, all quite easy really.

In the proportion 3 sand mix to 1 tradiblanc

If you want, you can get yellow sand with small stones in, if that is what you see in your original pointing (we did not have that) but my Local Lery Merlin sells both types of yellow sand.

You need to mositen the stone with a spray before you apply the new pointing and go slow, and clean regular excess with clean water


Hope that helps



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Hi Andy,I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me,though as someone who does this work on a regular basis,I find a few faults in what you are saying. please do not take this as an insult as it is most definately not meant to be. its not just a case of letting it dry,but letting it go off and for this it needs to be dried for a few days before you get to see the final colour,and as a rule most builders use four to one as a mix which is fine to go off over a few days and will save you a few euros on product costs. Not only should you give the stones a damping down before you point,but should continue doing it throughout the day and for the next few days as if you do not do this then your pointing will go off too quickly and get cracks in it.

I would not recommend using rough sand ie;sand with stones in it as when you try and get the nice smooth finish by brushing the mix out,the stones will come through the mix and offer a very rough finish and not look professional in the slightest.

Your last words ar very true,in that any product on the stone should be washes off very quickly,and if left over half an hour will stain the stone and be very dificult to clean off at a later date,even with acid. Once your cleaning water looks a tad mirky,change it.

I have pointed dozens of properties throughout france and based on my experience,I would recommend that get your ready mixed product from castorama as it is the best quality and is nice and creamy and a pleasure to work with.It may cost a tad more than the tradtional method of sand and lime,but you do not need to have sand delivered and therefore keeps outside looking tidy. You will need to get a mixing trough to mix it by hand though.

I assume by your ressponse Andy that you have got the job done so congratulations on that. I hope it looks better than you expected.


Jamie x

Any questions on this subject from anyone,please do not hesitate to ask.

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Thanks for the corrections Jamie, much appreciated. All very good clarifications.

I have not finsihed the house just done one gable end.

I have not seen the ready mix in Castorama can you remeber the brand name of it, so I can check that out too.


Many thanks



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Bonjour Andy,I shall send a message to my friend-client who I last used that product for to ask what make it was. Shamefully my memory is getting worse and I am forgetting small details,and am only 44 !!!

I will be in touch soon.

very best wishes


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Bonjour Andy,the name of the make is DIALL and the colour that I used last which gave a nice white finish was ton pierre.

I have used other makes that are known such as webber,but have found them a bit too gravelly. This one cleans nicely and is a pleasure to work with. If you get a mixing trough and mix it by hand with marigold gloves on you will get the consistancy you want easily. Do measure exactly how much product and water you use on getting the first mix right,then this will help you with future mixes.

Bonne courage

Jamie x

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