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I want one of them but can't decide which. I've read the reviews and they seem much of a muchness. But I was wondering if any of you have a particular preference and why (like can you easily get the sachets for both here? And which copes best with the water? And which is easier to service?) Any devotees out there?

started by: kate-472933 · last update: 1207248221 · posted: 1207044904

someone mentioned to me that there is a really good monthly brocante in Grenoble. Does anyone know anything about it - when and where and if it is worth the visit? Thanks

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Is there any way that you can reduce the rate of phone line rental from france telecom if the house is going to be empty for a couple of months and the phone not needed? I don't want to cancel it, just put it on hold.

started by: wannaski · last update: 1206715767 · posted: 1195215964

Just bought a great fondue set and was thinking of preparing a cheese fondue. Can anyone give a recipe or tell me which are the best cheeses to use etc.

started by: Wonka Bar-473842 · last update: 1206657698 · posted: 1201518584

is there something like American cream cheese here, I can't seem to find anything that is tangy like it. Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know how it works here - how to tell if a chicken in a supermarket or burtchery is battery or free range or any of the various levels in between?

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Can anyone recommend a pest control company in 74, near Geneva. There is something scratching/nibbling inside my wall. Urrrgggh. Thanks Jo

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The wife and I are just starting to think about buying a home/building a home here. If we purchased a property that has a ramshackle building on it and then demolishing the building, is it problematic to get the proper permits, etc... to build something new? We'd much rather buy an existing building and renovate it, but if it came down to it, we'd be willing to start a home from scratch if it is in the right place. I'm just wondering how difficult it is to do this. Thank you for any information.

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I've been looking for the French version of English finishing or skimming plaster and to date I've only managed to buy plaster which sets solid in about 5 minutes. Does anyone out there know what I need to ask for in order to get plaster which doesn't 'go off' immediately?

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I have been invited to some lunches/dinners over the course of December and will be taking a dessert to a few. Is there something I can make that is typical for this time of year that I can try? Thanks.

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Do you need permission to dig a duckpond and put up a duck house in your garden? I've decided I want to get ducks in spring but I don't want to do it if I have to put in for planning permission for the duck house and pool security for the pond and so on. The garden is big and there are no neighbours to be troubled.

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I've just seen the advert on this site for Teleconnect - and I have to say that it looks like a much better offer than what I'm paying at the moment for Orange. If I was to cancel by subscription to change over, how much notice do I need to give?

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I hope Im just looking the wrong spot (because I need them for a recipe) but I cant seemt o find the anchovies at the shops. They're not by the tuna, so where else would they be?? They can't be seasonal can they?? Thank you in advance.

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The stone wall between my neighbours house and mine has collapsed in some places and the stones have rollen down into my garden. I went to see the neighbour who said that it's not his problem and that I need to fix the wall myself. However his property is higher than mine and my understanding was that it is the person in "Amont" ie higher up that has to fix the wall. Does anyone know who is right?

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I was having a conversation with someone about cooking and they mentioned an appliance that plugs in that has a stone surface on which to cook. It sounds like a fun way to cook dinner when we have guests over and I'd like to get one, but I can't remember what they're called. If anyone has one, can you tell me what it's called, and if you have any cooking tips, please do pass them along. THanks!

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does anyone know where you can buy halogen lights, the kind that go on tracks and have a transformer and give a similar effect to downlighters? or indeed any contemporary looking halogen lights? thanks. chaletsixt

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Looking for a painter or decorator in dept 74. Any recommendations?

started by: Alice-473498 · last update: 1186135976 · posted: 1186077671

Is there anywhere I can get hold of curtains around Grenoble?

started by: Alice-473498 · last update: 1185876614 · posted: 1185789263

It's time to replace my kitchen cupboards (one actually fell off this morning and though we have managed to reattach it I've taken it as a sign they need replacing). Can anyone point me to a shop for replacements? (Pref. around Grenoble area) Thanks.

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hi. has anyone come across a company who will come to your house and clean your sofas? It is common in the UK but have yet to find it here. I have hired the carpet cleaning machine and tried to use them -they are great for the bits i can get to, but the other bits are a nightmare. OR does anyone know in the grenoble area where i can hire one myself? thanks Gwen

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