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Anybody willing to share a house or flat with me in (close to) Annecy as a transition between 2 cities ( for a few months starting Sept. or October? ) (woman) I can give more details if u r interested Regards  

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Does anyone have any  experience of building their own chalet and using one of the kit companies - any help would be gratefully received.   thanks 

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I'm looking for an artisan to do some drainage pipework on our land and to resurface a track leading to our home. The work involves some negotiation with our French neighbours so I would like someone who can speak English but also has good French. Any recommendations? We are in Isere near Voiron.

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Hi, Does anybody know of someone who installs woodburners in the Grand Bornand, La Clusaz, Annecy area? We have a fire but a lot of the heat goes up the chimney and using our electric heating all the time is very expensive. If you know of anyone it would be a great help JillandHoward

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Hi  We are due to take delivery of a new chalet in Chatel. Looking for a recommendation for an expert/surveyor/architect, to help us. We need a critical eye to produce a "snag list". Many thanks. Martin

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Hi at the beginning of the year I bought a flat in a complex in the Alips. There wear a number of issues that need fixing around the building and I raised them with the Managing Agent. He promised the work was in hand and was being done in September. I was down in the flat last week and to my disappointment none of the works had been done. Another owner that I meet last is also very disappointed with the lack of action from the managing Agent. I have asked him for the contact details for the Management Committee for the building and have been told today that I am not entitled to have this information only their names. I find this really odd as the committee are elected by the owners of the flat at the AGM each year. Can someone please tell me if I am entitled to know this information? Thanks John

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I'll be moving with my family to the Isère and am considering having a solid wood or wooden framed house built. Does anyone have any advice or experience in this area - thanks for any help you can give (we'll probably be living in the Vercors).

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I am looking to buy some of the plastic rattan effect furniture for my balcony. It has not got to be that big as i am on the ground floor and will be taking them indoors when we are not there. I`m looking at two chairs and a small table. My apartment is in Les Menuires. I have been looking around and wonder if anybody can suggest places where i can buy this stuff. i would be looking at the Chambery, Albertville, Mouiers areas.

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Hello - we haev a small farmhouse in the 74 region which was recently burgled. Not much to take, but cost us a bit in replaced locks and lights. Can anyone suggest or, better yet, recommend a company who installs cameras for security surveillance? There are a few other issues with unwanted 'visitors' who think foreigners have no place in the valley o_O   Many thanks!

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Hi just heard its now compulsary to have smoke alarms fitted int your property, is this the case legally? also are battery operated ones ok or do they need wiring into the mains? Thanks for any help!

started by: Louise74 · last update: 1394211616 · posted: 1365200268

Hi there We are looking for a skilled plasterer in the 74 & surrounding area.   Can anyone receommend a skilled, reliable plasterer?  Ideally living in 74, 01 or 73 area? It would be in May/June time and its for plastering / skimming ( British smooth style finish) about 250 sq metre house.   Accommodation can be provided if needed. Any recommendations please!   We can obtain the UK multi finish bags of plaster, if necessary.   Thanks in advance for any help!

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Does anyone have experience of being charged 'trustee fees' on sale of an appartment (which is managed as part of a syndicate group)? Is this normal?  

started by: Benjamin-481897 · last update: 1383817814 · posted: 1383817814

My Skybox is not opeating or receiving channels, the normal "green" light on the top of the box is now showing a continual "red" light, can anyone shed some advice as to whay may be the problem?

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I am building a 170 sq m. plus sous sol chalet in the French Alpes. So far I have done everything myself (design, planning permission etc) apart from the sous sol which is being built in reinforced concrete right now. I shall put up a wood framed building on top in April 2014. My budget is, of course, very tight. I am quite experienced with electrics, plumbing, heating installations and general stuff. The prospect off selling electricity to ERDF is very attractive, and it would be great to integrate about 5kW or so of PV panels into the roof at the outset, but I really cannot afford to get a company to do it. Is there any provision in the rules that allows an individual to do his own installation (of course using components with the right approvals)? I shall be doing the electrics myself. Does anybody know?

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We having a bit of a nightmare. Me and my boyfriend lived in an apartment which the company owned. Hes now changed jobs so we went to live in a friends, But their owner wasnt much better and told us all to get out as the decor wasnt finished ! so now we in a tiny damp caravan on which we rented in a friends garden for two weeks......they are back from holiday tomorrow and expecting us gone!   Havnt had much luck finding anywhere this fast as people taking very long time to reply to my emails, and only just got guarantor as his contract is on interim with an agency, which seems to been a problem to get anywhere. Although it is supposed to get extended until next year.........  we have got alot of stuff which needs putting in a garage but at the moment its loading and unloading into friends gardens! we was wondering if any of you near Annecy aea or Haute Savoie know anybody personally we can rent from???? Appreciate any advice or replies xxx    

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Hi anyone know of ant SAT TV fitters in the Three Valleys area, we need to be able to get Sky UK TV, thanks for any advice.

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We are looking for a person/persons lisenced to clean our apartment in Annecy. English spoken would be great but not required. Thanks for your help.

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Hi,   I am potentially moving to start work in Chamonix from the start of September, and as such am looking to rent a 1 or 2 bed apartment near to Chamonix centre, on a 6 month plus contract, as I won't have a vehicle to begin with.    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks  David.

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Hi do EDF charge for issuing the certificate of conformity after a house re wire, if so anyone know how much the charge is? Thanks

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I am looking for a reclamation yard in 74 area. Looking for some old interim doors for my property which I am reburbishing.

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