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Hi anyone have any recommendations as we need an apartment pretty quick in Grenoble. Thanks

started by: Stevieg-481078 · last update: 1360228704 · posted: 1360228704

Hi anyone know of a good computer repair service in the Chamonix Valley area for non starting Apple Mac. Thanks

started by: thetravelbug-479051 · last update: 1359992181 · posted: 1359722435

We are selling our apartment in Bozel and just making enquiries if it sells as to whether there are any storage facilities around Moutiers or Albertville to put furniture and bits and pieces until we find a new house. Probably being a little to optimisitc but no harm in gathering info and prices now. 

started by: SCV · last update: 1359565919 · posted: 1359372588

Hi are there any English speaking expat international groups in the Pays de Gex area of the French Alps, near Geneva? Many thanks for any replies.

started by: ydukes · last update: 1356711146 · posted: 1356711146

We are planning to move to Aix-En-Provence or the Chambery area in April or May. Does anyone know of good online publications to use for this search or Immobilers.   Also, when we put a house on the market to rent in the states, it is usually empty or close to the tenant's move out date so we want it rented right away, if possible. Is that the case here or do landlords or agents start looking far in advance of when tenants are expected to move? We need to have an idea of how soon we should start looking without wasting our time seeing houses that will no longer be available in April

started by: georgieb-473929 · last update: 1353664232 · posted: 1335992961

Castorama have stopped their glass cutting service - does anyone know of anywhere else offering this service - we just want a piece of mirror glass cut to size. Thanks in advance! In Annecy that is!

started by: spring1 · last update: 1352721843 · posted: 1337962747

Hello Everyone,Just a quick question, where did you get your garden furniture. We have been struggling to find anything and need a new set. Have tried many shops in town and have run out of options.We just want something simple (4 folding chairs and a round table), and everything is either too big or too flimsy. We only have a small space to put it in, and it seems if you dont want the big furniture then the quality goes downhill, (ie plastic or wobbly). Really don't want to spend too much, maybe 250 max. ThanksSarah

started by: Gordon-480668 · last update: 1347611685 · posted: 1347473765

Hi anyone used the chimney or flue cleaning blocks they sell in the supermarkets and bricos? If so are they any good? Thanks

started by: Morzine4me · last update: 1344351979 · posted: 1344348965

Hi looking for an English speaking surveyor in the French Alps to have a look at a property for us this week so pretty URGENT! Its situated in Morzine. Thanks

started by: Harry-478966 · last update: 1344262175 · posted: 1302356490

We are planning to convert a bit of our barn and it takes the total square meterage over 170 so we have been told we need to use an architect. We have just had a price from one (it is very simple, with most walls and openings there already) and its pretty pricey. Do we have to use this route - we heard something about getting technical drawings done and approved by an architect. Is this possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.

started by: Donald-480914 · last update: 1343937456 · posted: 1321013646

Could anyone give me a ballpark figure for an architect to do a Permis de Constrire for an old house and attached barn (just a rough idea as I know I am not being very exact!) ..also any recommendations for good Architect in the Alps. Thanks

started by: Grenoblegran · last update: 1343318882 · posted: 1343318882

Are there any really good and reasonably priced shops where I can get some interesting and original material? Im in Grenoble but can drive. Thanks for any help.

started by: nove · last update: 1343225867 · posted: 1336142405

Hi we're hoping to start building our chalet in Notre dame de bellcombe and we need a project manager Preferable french bilingual...and with an internet viewable portfolio/website, experience in traditional chalets (luxury/modern twist) with top quality but not so top dollar prices ;)all our chalet plans and local permissions are completed and ready...we don't live in near france so we will need our manager to be the captain of the ship but be very patient with providing many options to choose from.we are probably very hard to deal with, as i'm an artist with very specific tastes i'd love to achieve a "grand design" on a very strict schedule/budget and attention to detail is top priority. need to start asap and finish no later than next summercheers :)

started by: Alpstrummer · last update: 1342697084 · posted: 1342697084

Hi anyone seen any soft furnishings (cushions, throws, curtains etc) in the summer sales with good discounts? (60-70 %) Id love a recommendation anywhere in the Alps as just got back and a refresh. Thanks

started by: rick.e · last update: 1336140972 · posted: 1314998445

I am looking to build in the Rhone Alpes, and am interested in current heating trends. Anyobody know know if Heat Pumps are viable in these climes? Ground Source or air? What other trends are there at the eco-end of the scale? Or is it a case of resorting to the tried and tested methods of burning oil or wood? Thanks in advance, Rick

started by: 4leafclover · last update: 1336036738 · posted: 1336036738

Hello, does any body know what is a reasonable price for the electrical certificate you now need when selling a property I have been quoted 360€ which I think is extortion, also could any body recommend an electriction (preferaby English or English speaking)in the Annecy area thank you, any response would be appreciated.

started by: baj-480058 · last update: 1334506579 · posted: 1334494086

Hi, we are looking for a reputable plumber and electrician to help us restore our mazot (including the installation of a new bathroom). We are based near Grand Bornand. Personal recommendations greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Beverley

started by: fuzzy-479300 · last update: 1334228967 · posted: 1333103017

Hi looking to give our chalets a refresh this Spring, can anyone recommend an Interior designer or soft furnishings specialist in the Alps? Thanks. Were in the Three Valleys area.

started by: ppski · last update: 1331210772 · posted: 1330970758

We need some more large bayonet candle light bulbs. We have a chalet in Les Gets so somewhere in the not too distant vicinity. We have a huge box of spare bulbs as every light seems to require something different, but we haven't got the required large bayonet candle type here.

started by: Chamonix-480055 · last update: 1330705992 · posted: 1330694153

Hi looking for someone to carry out urgent repairs to a large tub in Chamonix ASAP! Thanks

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