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Hi, Anybody got any info on USB Dongles in France. I have one in UK for just £5 per month it gives unlimited internet access. Is there a similar deal in France - or any deal in France?! Thanks x

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I am looking at buying a place that needs quite a bit of renovation including renovation of a large swimming pool. The previous owners covered over the pool but it is hollow underneath. It is in the garden which is classed as non-constrictuble and was constructed over 10 years ago. Has anyone ever undertaken a renovation of a pool before or does anyone have an idea of what it could cost? Also, does anyone have any similar experience from the planning side - apparently the local counsel have never served any notice on it etc. and all the neighbouring properties seem to have pools - so would the existing structure be classified as approved by being over 10 years old and would the renovation simply be a renovation to an existing structure? Presumably the notary could ask for some form of guarantee in the purchase documentation. Thanks

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Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me how much does a house painter generally charge for painting a 50 sq M. Chalet in one color with all material provided for him? Do they charge by the meter or by the hour?

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Hi anyone know someone who repairs damaged covers as mine has a slash / split in it. Dont want to buy a new one. Thanks

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We need a large quantity of weed killer for a very large area of gravel that is overrun with weeds, I would have liked sodium chlorate that kills off everything, but know it's no longer available. Anyone have suggestions what to use and where I can purchase please?

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Does anyone know if the French use neon double pole fused spurs, and if not, it it permissible to use an English fused spur. I want to switch on and off appliances such as maserators, extract fans, water heaters etc without pulling the plug in and out of the socket? Thanks for any answers.

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We are building a new house and are looking for a ' different / greener ' way to provide our hot water - we have looked at ( and ' rejected ' solar panels - too costly ) - just wondered if anybody has installed a reliable / cheaper / greener way of heating water ( part not all ) Thanks for any tips!

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Hi all, I have bought granite for my kitchen from a wholesaler ( much cheaper than the usual retailers of granite in France) as our local marbrerie agreed to cut and polish it for us. Unfortunately he has now changed his mind as he has too much work on and I cannot find any other marbreries that are prepared to work on our granite ( because it wasn't purchased from them at an extortionate price!). Does anyone know of a freelance granite fitter or anywhere in the region that will cut and polish granite? Thanks in advance!

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I am just putting down some rough finished ceramic floor tiles. What is the name of the sealer in French, that I need to ask for in order to seal it. I believe that it is a lint oil wax that is required. Thanks for any help.

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I have a thirty foot varnished tongue and groove wall which I would like to paint. Obviously I will rub it down to give it a key, but what is/are the apropriate paint(s) to use afterwards please. I haven't had good experiences with French paint which I also find very expensive but either French or English suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in anticipation

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Hi were looking for a property to buy in Morzine. Can anyone recommend a good English speaking agent who is trustworthy and reliable? Perhaps you have first hand experience having bought a Ski Chalet in Morzine yourself. Thanks for any help. Jan

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Can anyone reccommend a good swimspa?

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We currently have an open fire but are wanting to fit a wood burner. Not entirely sure of style or size yet - would love an old fashioned one but so long as we get something that actually heats the room then great.....does anyone know anyone specialising in this type of work - we may need chimney lining, surround knocking out etc..... (Courchevel area)

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Looking for a climber which I would prefer to plant in a pot. Would have no sun at all. Preferably not Russian Vine as it would be against a neighbour's wall and I don't want to cause any agro!! Evergreen would be good but can't have everything. Any ideas out there.Thanks

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Seeking a qualified tree surgeon. Can anyone recommend one that works out of 73? Thanks

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We need to buy two replacement plastic screw-on fosse covers. I've tried googling them but can't find anyone selling them and can't find them on any of the brico websites - any ideas?

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Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me an average cost per square metre to construct a new house. Our plan is to design a basic four bedroom home on constructable land in 01 and need a little guidance on cost initially. Thanks

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Does anyone know of a good delivery company to pick up furniture from Turin to MOrzine, perhaps a van and a man service or similar. thanks

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Hi can anyone recommend a paint suitable for painting a woodburner top and sides with which is heat resistant and won't blister? Thanks

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Hi, We have a pine panelled ceiling in our living room which has been varnished. It is Dark, Dingy and Depressing! I wish to paint it matt white and would welcome advice from anyone who has actually done this. I have a stock of Dulux emulsion and undercoat that I hope to use. I would welcome the benefit of anyone's experiences - good or bad!

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