started by: Bobthebuilder-479659 · last update: 1312820366 · posted: 1299169857

Is there anyone in the French Alps that stocks UK paints as im getting to the end of my tether with the quality and price of French rubbish! I know there are lots of places in Northern France (Brittany, Normandy)that stock these but cant find a stockist here.

started by: yorkshirelass-479680 · last update: 1312818798 · posted: 1304436052

Will an English home telephone (cordless type) work in our house in France or is it a different socket? Thank you

started by: Grenoblegran · last update: 1312818195 · posted: 1306495274

We're on SFR for internet. Anyone know if and how we can watch BBC iplayer? Thanks.

started by: Paula and Lyndon · last update: 1311794940 · posted: 1311632681

Hi we are wanting to get our small studio apartment fitted with new carpet. We are not skilled enough to do this ourselves so could anyone recommend where to buy carpet in the Bourg St Maurice area, and also someone who could fit it for us? We are only there for a limited amount of time this summer and then not there until the ski season so we are trying to sort this out around our time in France. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks

started by: Wingman-480164 · last update: 1309211281 · posted: 1309211281

Hi we need to increase the range that the wifi from our orange livebox reaches as the signal in a couple of bedrooms in our chalet is weak to non existant. We rent these rooms out so need to improve this. Has anyone done this, if so how? Thanks

started by: Father Ted-479332 · last update: 1308484104 · posted: 1308484104

Hi Im looking for one of the sausage type chimney draft excluders that you inflate in situ. Ive looked in my local bricos without any luck, has anyone seen one? Thanks

started by: Angelski · last update: 1307269652 · posted: 1307185168

Hi were looking to replace a few windows and friends have recommended wooden windows from La peyre. Has anyone had them fitted from here and are happy with the installation and warranties etc. Thanks for any info.

started by: Angelski · last update: 1307185287 · posted: 1307185287

Hi we are going to redo a badly wrecked patio and can not decide to use decking or stick with paving?what is the best in this climate ?Thanks.

started by: berbatov · last update: 1307046657 · posted: 1307015842

Expect we've all had the same problem. Can anyone suggest something to make life easier? Have tried stripper, heat gun, blow torch, ETC . ETC all to no avail. All ideas to be given serious consideration.

started by: john sinclair-478792 · last update: 1306756049 · posted: 1306148582

Hi, we are just completing on a purchase in Collonges-sous-Saleve and need to engage someone locally to do some light structural work and general refurb/redecorating. Can any forum members recommend anyone in this area, preferrably English-speaking? Many thanks

started by: Dannyboy-479714 · last update: 1306755735 · posted: 1306400608

Does anyone know of someone who does repairs on pressure washers? We are based in Annecy. Thanks

started by: Grenoblegran · last update: 1306575828 · posted: 1306495154

Hi i am trying to find a good picture framer - any suggestions from members who have good experiences will be most welcome? Area - within twenty miles or so of Grenoble

started by: eckerslike · last update: 1306236369 · posted: 1305848629

Hi there, We are looking a doing a conversion on an old farmhouse in the Chatel area and wondered if anyone could recommend a local architect that would be able to help with the conversion of the barn area. Also if anyone has any first hand experience in a renovation project and/or information on basic planning requirements for the Val d'abondance area. I know in some areas (morzine for example) increased habitable space is directly linked to the amount of land around the property and also that you have to provide parking spaces according to number of bedrooms, some of which need to be covered. I'm hoping a local architect may know these basic criteria before we commit to anything or that someone may have an insight into whether our conversion is at all possible. Can you help? Thanks.

started by: Green Hornet · last update: 1304370976 · posted: 1304370976

Dear all, Would somebody be able to personally recommend an english speaking heating engineer for a problem i have on my De Detreich boiler and underfloor heating system in 74? Many thanks in advance

started by: Bobthebuilder-479659 · last update: 1304332268 · posted: 1304332268

Advice please, I need to seal limestone tiles on kitchen unit worktops, does anyone have any idea of any relevant French product available?

started by: Alpstar · last update: 1303908960 · posted: 1303812539

Hi does anyone know if this is available in France? If not is there a French version available. Thanks

started by: onthepiste · last update: 1303418391 · posted: 1303385760

I am looking for someone to cut a small piece of glass for a broken window. Where can I go? I need it urgently in 74. Thanks

started by: Wingman-480164 · last update: 1302773912 · posted: 1302773912

Is there, or does anyone know of, a quality washing machine engineer? Looking for help for a Zanussi nr Douvaine 74

started by: Grenoblegran · last update: 1302620064 · posted: 1302288767

We are thinking of installing a pre formed in-ground pool. Does anybody have any experience of this. Would be very grateful for any advice. Also, if anybody has one already and would let us come and have a look, this would be a great help. Many thanks.

started by: Elmer Fudd · last update: 1302357680 · posted: 1302357680

Hi, can anybody answer this. I have recently installed in my upstairs Chalet another TV and French & UK Digi boxes as I have French and UK Satellites (parabels). I thought it would be a straightforward process connecting the additional coaxial cables to the existing ones , using the correct connector. However I can only recieve a satellite signal for UK TV upstairs if I have my TV on downstairs. However it doesn't matter with the French signal. If I don't have the TV on downstairs I get a notice on the TV upstairs that no satellite signal is being recieved. Can anybody help becuse I am confused. Will I have to start again and buy expensive Twin Universal LNB's? Thanks for any help

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