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Hi can anyone recommend a construtor of Timber framed Chalets in 74. Id particularly like to work with a company who values Eco building techniques. Thanks

started by: Elmer Fudd · last update: 1301999227 · posted: 1301999227

Do you need any type of consent to put a bit of decking around an above ground pool or install a gate to your property.?Thanks

started by: Picolino · last update: 1301844225 · posted: 1301737785

Hi anyone know of any beginners classes around the 74 area? Thanks

started by: snowbabe · last update: 1301310016 · posted: 1301230135

Hi Weve been left with a great dollop of marshmallow on one of our fabric sofas by guests. Does anyone know how to get it off without it staining or making a mess? Thanks

started by: Alpstar · last update: 1300969279 · posted: 1300969279

We are looking to share removal charges for a trip between the UK and The French Alps. Does anyone have any experience with a similar arrangement or is in fact interested in joining up with us? We intend to book a respectable Southern removal company to ship our household goods from the London area to the Haute Savoie mid-August and would offer another party the return leg from there to the UK . By directly sharing the trip, both parties would profit from much lower individual charges. We will use space equivalent to 1,000 cubic feet = 28 cubic metres = 2,500 kg, which is a normal load for a 7,5 tonne lorry. That’s roughly a 2/3-bedroom family removal with a reasonable assortment of (flat-packed) furniture. If interested, please get in touch via email; we could then sort through the details personally. Thanks

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BonjourI am trying to get some history on property prices in Annecy over last 5, 10 years, does anyone know of a site or service that provides this info in english, when I arrived here last summer I read an article in an immo (real estate) magazine but cannot remember which one or the source of the article. Any advice much appreciated.CeeRod

started by: Father Ted-479332 · last update: 1300630705 · posted: 1300359892

Hi has anyone any recommendations for a company specialising in Landscaping and general garden work this spring in 73. Thanks for any help.

started by: Roadie-480118 · last update: 1300355753 · posted: 1300299343

I get a lot of speed dialers and nuisance phone calls unwanted ads ect, easily dealt with in the uk but I dont have a clue how to do it here ,can anyone help. Thanks

started by: snowbabe · last update: 1299863385 · posted: 1299704025

Can anyone recommend a top quality tradesman to renovate a bathroom in three valley area? Must be able to work to top quality spec. Id love personal recommendations. Thanks

started by: Dannyboy-479714 · last update: 1299773521 · posted: 1299773521

Does anyone know of a reputable piano tuner near to Annecy, thanks

started by: berbatov · last update: 1299751457 · posted: 1299751457

Hi We have a load of rubble & rubbish from our conversion which needs to be removed and disposed of. Is anyone able to do this for us? We are 10 mins south of Fernay Voltaire. Please private message me any details thanks

started by: eric walker-474844 · last update: 1299704662 · posted: 1299704662

Can anyone please recommend a book written in English or French (if it has lots of pictures or diagrams) for an absolute beginner on how to do simple wiring jobs round my french home, i.e. how to wire a plug, how to rewire a small lamp in french or English. Thank you.

started by: Picolino · last update: 1299251364 · posted: 1299233524

Our hot water is scaldingly hot. Dangerously hot. Our plumber/electrician who installed the system says it is the law that the water has to be so hot. He says he can install a system whereby the temp. of the hot water is lowered by being mixed with cold water as it comes out of the hot water tank ..... but what sense is there in that? Why should I waste money over-heating the water only to have it cooled straight away? Suggestions anyone? What are the regulations? Ideas gratefully received before I burn myself again! Thanks

started by: Highlander-479753 · last update: 1299251265 · posted: 1299251265

We are thinking next year of getting a "hot tub". Do any readers have one, if so do they get much use out of it ? Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks

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Hello, has anyone any recommendations for any up and coming ski resorts that are worth looking at? Any lesser known French Alps resorts that are been regenerated or invested in with new equippment etc. Many thanks

started by: jason bourne · last update: 1298971634 · posted: 1298811708

I am considering buying a heated towel rail from Brico Depot, but as I have bought from them in the past, I am aware that they can be a bit flaky. Anyone bought one before, and able to recommend/warn me about their products? I am going for the larger type at around 190 euros, and as i need 4 its quite a spend. Thanks for any advice given.

started by: Dannyboy-479714 · last update: 1298027308 · posted: 1298027308

Does anyone know of a place where I could hire an air compressor for a render gun? I need one that will provide 35cfm at 50psi so a 230v powered compressor would not be suitable. I would probably need the smallest diesel powered tow along type. I live in 74 near Annecy. Thanks

started by: hobbit-479309 · last update: 1297981125 · posted: 1297870039

The past two nights I have been woken up by a shuffling noises in the garage/loft, so something is in the eves of the house, any ideas what it could be? Mice, Rats, read online it could even be a Squirrel. Had a quick look in Leroy Merlin at rat killer, if its needed but I'm not wanting a stench from decompossing little rats. Any advice much appreciated.

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Can anyone transport a sofa-bed for a friend from Northhampton to just outside Grenoble (38)?

started by: berbatov · last update: 1297721229 · posted: 1297683254

Can anyone tell me, simply, the steps I need to follwow in order to apply for planning consent to change useage from agricultural to residential please and how easy or difficult it proved in the long run. Thanks

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