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Can anyone help? The boiler in our Chalet works well most of the time but then will cut out just when we most need it to be reliable ie: if we are away and the weather's very cold. Loads of plumbers have 'fixed it' but the problem remains so this year we wondered if we might just close it off and drain the system. However our plumber seemed reluctant to do this and said something about anti-freeze - which we had put in last year. Could he be trying to tell us that if there is anti-freeze in the system we just need to turn off the boiler and the water supply and all should not freeze up?

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Hi, Looking for a boiler to be moved and also a new roof for a property in Messery 74140 other works also need doing . Must be fully insured etc. Thanks

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Can anyone recommend some builders who we can approach for some quotes to repair our roof and install some ventilation. We would like to contact some builders that people have used before and can recommend. We are looking for French or British builders.Thanks

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Hi could anyone tell me if you need any planning applications approved to add decking to the front of a chalet please? Thanks

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Do I need a permis de construire to convert an attic into bedrooms and rooms downstairs into habitable living rooms? If so can an estate agent apply on my behalf before I actually move? If other permission is needed can the agent apply for that on my behalf?

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hi, im needing a local architect who is used to luxury new build chalet design who speaks english. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks

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How long do you have to let pine wood dry before you can burn it. I know you should not burn to much because of the sap that builds up in the chimneys but weve aquired stacks of it this year.Many thanks.

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Do these exist? Were looking to replace our old expensive ones in our chalet's and are looking for recommendations for more efficient ones that wont break the bank. Thanks

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Hi were thinking of having one of the above put in after this season but are a little confused as to the difference and pros and cons to them all. What are the considerations to think of when planning for an exterior installation etc. Any help appreciated

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Can anyone please suggest a very hard wearing varnish that I can use on kitchen work surfaces.I used to use an extremely hard wearing 2 pack (varnish with a hardener) floor varnish in the UK, But I am struggling to find a similar product here.So any help will be appreciated.

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Although many readers may be aware,there maybe those who are not, about a change in legislation regarding house sales. As from 1st January 2011 it is a legal requirement to display on any house in France advertised for sale ,either privately,or by an agent,a DPE rating ( diagnostic performance énergétique). This has been a requirement as part of the DDT (Dossier de Diagnostic Technique),obligatory for some while,but now has to be displayed at the time of advertising.

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I have been let down by the plumber I am looking for a plumber to do quite a lot of work on a hotel in Morzine heating, shower instalation etc for immediate start,contact me on 0609961271 Denise

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Hi Im looking for a builder who specialises in soundproofing and general building. Thanks

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Hi first posting coming up. Just viewed a very nice chalet close to Tignes and are wanting to put an offer on it. Is it customary as in the UK to put in a cheeky offer at first as we know we are the only ones intrested in it and its been on the market a while. Thanks for any help.

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We are buying a new house in the Alps, Collonges-sous-Saleve area and have been told that the internal walls will have 'crepe' on them, too much like artex for me! We were told that alternatives would be very, very expensive. All I wanted was smooth walls like we have in the UK. Is this possible over here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I've done quite a bit of reading but don't feel that much wiser! Has anyone had fitted any solar panels in the Alps? This would be a newbuild. Really interested to hear of anyones stories - was it worth it? Enterprises they would recommend? anything really...

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Hi im looking for the above to give me some ideas for my chalets for the new season. I know of a few but they are so expensive. Any ideas welcomed!!!

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Can anybody recommend a furniture self storage facility in the Haute Savoie, pref near to Annecy but will travel further to find one. Thanks

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Has anyone out there had a satellite dish fitted? I live in area 73 and I have a dish and a box but I am looking for someone to fit and get my tv up and runing with uk channels. Many thanks.

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Hello everyone! Could you please share contacts of plummers to check heating system, preferably english speaking :) but any would be good. Thanks! annika

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