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Hi, Does anyone know what is the best wood stain to use to cover up reclaimed wooden beams that have been sanded down but still have marks that the former paint has soaken into them in various parts. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm now at the stage wher I have a series of volets.......4 prs. of doors (each door 70x228 cm...ie.8 in all) and some 5 prs. of smaller window volets (each "door" being 50 x 165cm...i.e 10 in all). The present ones are wooden,topside of 10yrs. old I reckon, an.d are showing serious signs of decay despite my best annual painting efforts ( a bit like the proverbial Forth Bridge really). I have therefore (reluctantly concluded that they might be due for replacement and I wondered if anyone out there has made the PVC vs. wood decision for such replacements, and if they have any advice as to the best people to deal with, how/why did you chose one type over the other, typical costs etc. Anybody prepared to share their experience...good or bad...and some reliable suppliers names would be welcome. Thanks everyone

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We are renovating a 19th century manoir in 38 near Voiron. Does anyone know a good window replacement company in the area?

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Can anyone recommend a qualified and insured person to line our chimney for the installation of a woodburner ? Thanks

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Hi, Is it possible to buy cupboard paint in France, i really want to paint 2 pine wall units but i am not sure what paint to use, Any help would be great,

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Do chimneys or the woodburner flues need cleaning every year, and if so (we cleaned ours this time last year!) does anyone know of a sweep in the 3 valleys as our regular one has decided to retire. Thanks

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I was wondering of anybody knows where I can have my house doors dipped or stripped of paint in 74 area, has anyboddy had this done and how much and where can I have this done? IDEAS?

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Hi to all, we have a honeysuckle growing on the front wall of my house, which is south facing. Every spring it grows luxuriant foliage and looks green and healthy. However, at the same time every year, just as it is coming into bud, the whole plant starts shedding its leaves, looks as if it has very bad mildew and finally appears to be dead! When this happens I cut it back. It then regrows with lovely green foliage once again and stays like this for the rest of the summer. Does anyone know the reason why it does this every year and perhaps give me some advice as to how to remedy it? Many thanks.

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Hoping someone out there knows of the product/solution I can use on rusty corrugated iron roof. The rust has not gone through to the underneath so I am thinking it must be possible to coat it with something that stops the rusting process and creates a protection? Any advice welcomed thanks

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Hi, has anybody tried one of the 60 quid steam cleaners that are for sale on ebay and the tv, are they any good before i potentially waste the cash!!!

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Hi im looking for fabric/material wholesalers in the 73/74 region. I have tried looking on pages jaunes but am not really 100% sure what the best search term is. I want to be able to get cushion foam, exterior fabrics etc. Thanks for any help!

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We have to buy several beds for our house and all I can find are CONFORAMA and other multiples .Is there a decent supplier to view or an internet site ..like Dreams from uk ..do they diliver and how long does it take . anyone help please ?

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Hi, does anyone know a dry rot specialist for some work i need done. must be fully registered and able to supply references. great if you have personal experience with him and can recommend him. Selling the house and need 10 year guarantee for notaire. Thanks for any help!

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Hi there, I'm based in Annecy and I'm looking for any recommendations for builder's suppliers or equipment rental places. Thanks

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Does anyone know of a product here equivalent to 'weed and feed' in England. Our grass is reasonable now that our moles have packed their bags but we do have areas which are too large to spot weed. Grateful for any help!!

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Hi We are looking for a supplier of Celotex or Kingspan in France. thanks Alison

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Does anyone know of a Gardening Club French or English, that I could join - don't mind travelling but am a mad keen gardener and also think I could improve my french by joining something I enjoy. Any ideas?

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Hi,We have an underground wasps nest next to where we like to eat al fresco in the garden Please can anyone help with a method to get get rid of it permanantly please. thanks

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Please can anyone recommend a removal company that they have used for transporting large furniture items from England to France (and a vague idea of what you paid would be great!). We don't have lots of boxes of bits and pieces, just a fair bit of furniture. Thanks

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Hi we are looking to install underfloor heating and wondered if anyone out there has done this recently and would share their experiences. We have also recieved 2 quotes for this and would like to understand if these are for about what we should expect to pay as they seem a little on the high side. Any help appreciated

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