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Hi apologies for late notice, but our dog sitter has just let us down at the last minute, if anyone who knows anyone who likes to dog sit two shy dogs inside, but very active outside, for 5 nights at an 8 bed room Ski Chalet with free roaming paddock and mountain fields nd views, Please get in touch. Many thanksThe breeds are Welsh Collie (female) and Husky Cross (male), both 2 years old and love the outdoors,

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Does anyone know if you can buy/get delivered James Wellbeloved dog food in or near the 3 Valleys ski area?

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Anyone welcome whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or a beginner. Whether you have bees, don't or just want to learn. Whether you believe in a natural approach or a more human managed one.https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeeksinFrance/

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I've just moved to the French Alps and I'm struggling to get pet insurance for my 9 year old labrador. He doesn't have any health issues but all of the insurance companies I have contacted tell me they won't insure a dog over 7 years old. Can anyone suggest a company that insurers older dogs. Many thanks Sarah

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hi can somebody recommend a boarding kennel for our cat and dog in France, close to Geneva/Swiss border? Thank you.

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Miyuki, born in Tokyo - Japan and and Thierry, born in Marseille - France are Certified Pet Sitters offering a 100 % Free Live - In Pet Sitting Service anywhere in the Bouches de Rhone - Var - Vaucluse • Who are we ? - a Mid 50' French-Japanese married couple , certified Pet Sitter by Japanese Pet sitter Association with about 3 year of full time Pet sitting experiences around the World. We are tri -lingual : French - English  - Japanese. We retired in 2007, are ultra long distances runners living an healthier and simpler life. In 2012 , as reliable and trustworthy married couple , we decided to dedicate ourselves to Full Time FREE Pet sitting around the Globe looking after fur babies or houses while owners were away for extended period of time. • Worldwide Experiences . . . We have been pet sitting in rural areas as well as cities downtown - Providing Tender Loving Care to ~ Yukiko , a 3 month old Husky ~ Alba , a Female cat with 5 kittens ~ Quinn , a 13 years old female Samoyed dog ~ Mille, a Tibetan Mastif dog with Strong Character ~ Auris, a female rescued dog not so easy with new people ~ Mandu, a Cat with some problem possibly due to a castration operation ~ Ulysse, a Chartreux cat , a rare breed of domestic cat from France ~ 3 dogs - 6 cats , preparing special diets and providing daily morning Medication . in countries such as Australia , France , Singapore , USA , Malaysia , or Nepal and Japan both for Embassies - Diplomats ! During those sits we also kept in pristine condition superb house which was in a Market, we maintained Garden and Pools in perfect conditions as well as looking after House personnel . - All our Worldwide references and recommendations can be obtained upon demand . . . • The Numerous Advantages of a Live-in French-Japanese Certified Pet sitter - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter assures that your love-pet will never be left alone, when " Other " Sitters might go out sightseeing from Morning to Evening - - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter makes sure your pet keeps the same diet and routine with full attention, plenty of play time and - if a dog - lot of walking time fitting and interacting with neighborhood - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter provides regular updates with Photos and Videos and remains in constant communications in French ( or English) when needed - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter performs light domestic duties : such as mail collection, able to read French forwarding important mails , watering the plants - a Live-in Certified Pet sitter by its presence is the ideal solution ... especially if owner wants the added security of someone staying in the house whilst being away, preventing any Break in ! - a Live - in Certified Pet sitter is an IDEAL optionThierry has a French Driver license. He will not be facing language Barrier in event of Major Issues: Pet's Health or Natural disasters . All emergency calls being made in French . If you have any questions , feel free to drop us a line . . . we remain open to any discussion and happy to provide previous owner 's details . . . ! Thank you ! Miyuki and Thierry

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We are looking for a home for our cat 'Tiger' for this summer (mid-June-end of August approx), as we will be overseas and can't take him with us. The ideal home would be near Annecy, with a garden & no dogs/other cats! Of course we're happy to pay, aswell as providing all his food etc.. Any ideas?

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We will be bringing our Hungarian Vizsla with us to our holiday home in the near future once all of the pet passport process has been completed. Can anyone recommend a vet in Bourg for us to register our dog with to complete the necessary treatments prior to our travels back to the UK. Obviously it would also be helpful to have her registered for vetinary care should it be required whilst we are there on holiday. A practice which speaks some english would be helpful given our french is very limited.

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Hi we are living in Courchevel 1550 for the winter and looking for someone to help out with our VERY friendly dog who loves excercise.   There will be no regular days necessarily but the work is easy, enjoyable and will pay well!

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Hi there We have an apartment in Flaine and would like to start taking our cat over with us when we travel. Firstly, has anybody taken a cat on the Eurotunnel?Secondly, does anybody know of vets in that area, preferably English speaking?Many thanks

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Can anyone recommend a vet in Samoens to get my dogs registered ready for return to the uk, i am travelling over christmas 2014

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Hi I know this is a long shot but does anybody know if any of the shops I the Savoie area sell raw dog food?? Thks in advance

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Hi,  my other half and I will be in the Chamonix area in August, and were hoping to put our Miniature Schnauzer in kennels or boardings for a week or so, whilst we climb.  Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions please?

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Hi all I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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Hello, I currently live in Val d'isere with my beautiful Border Collie dog. I have the opportunity to travel with my husband during the Season & I am looking for recomendations for quality Boarding Kennels. I'd be grateful for any suggtions & I can pop along & check them out. Thank you.

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Just popping over from Poitou-Charentes to let you know that a new Facebook group has been formed to bring together animal lovers who would like to help out at their local animal refuge. If you already volunteer for your local animal refuge, or are interested in joining others in helping by walking the dogs or cuddling cats or by collecting and delivering much needed food and bedding, please join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ We plan to develop the network and there will be a website in the New Year with lots of information about volunteering, fostering and where you can make a difference, so if you don't use facebook but are interested in being involved, please get in touch, letting us know how you'd like to help.

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I need a house/dog sitter from mid May through to end of September (dates slightly flexible) as have been let down at last moment by the person that agreed to come. I split my time between France and Bulgaria. I have three dogs and this time instead of doing the journey back to Bulgaria with all 3 I would like to just take one who is more used to travelling and explore Italy and a few other places on the way back. I would like to find someone wanting to spend the summer in the French Alps and who would look after my other two dogs and also maybe do some landscaping and gardening and ideally if you are a good dog trainer, you'd be a Godsend! My place is in the town of Bozel, in the Bozel Valley, 10 minutes from Courchevel ski resort. So if you are a keen mountain biker or walker or golfer this area would be ideal for you. There is also a small lake where everyone gathers to go swimming in the summer and loads to do for those that like the outdoors. The town has a butchers, bakers, two mini super markets, two or three good restaurants and bars. There are regular buses down the valley and from there you can get to places like Annecy, Chambery and Albertville. A car would allow you explore more but is not needed. The town has everything you need. My house is a decent sized apartment (about 80sqm) with three bedrooms, although one which is mine would be out of bounds. There is SKY TV and good internet (WiFi). I am having the garden securely fenced in the next week or so and there will be a large dog pen at the far end so the dogs can be put out in here for a few hours a day. I have no fixed dates but would be looking to head back to Bulgaria around mid May (20th May at latest) until end of August, although I do have a wedding to attend back in the UK mid September so might work well for someone to stay on until late September. So if you worked on around 15th May to end of September. I would likely come back for a few days at the beginning of September and leave the third dog with you and then head back to the UK. What responsibilities will my house sitter have? Keeping house clean - I am not fanatical but with dogs inside does need daily sweeping or hoovering. Watering flowers - mainly window boxes on balcony and have planted a few seeds. Once the fence is done, anyone coming would be welcome to grow some vegetables if they wanted. Walking dogs - need a good long walk at least once a day and can then just go out in their pen for a few hours. Ideally: Landscaping and gardening skills. I have just bought the apartment and it has a fairly large garden out the back. This will shortly be fenced so it is 'dog proof' and there will be a large dog pen in the far corner where they can be put outside for several hours at a time, leaving you free to go off and explore. However, whilst I will probably do a little work in the garden if you were a keen landscaper and gardener you could have free range in the garden! Dog Trainer: I ended up rescuing around 7 dogs and 3 cats back in Bulgaria as there is an awful problem with strays. However, now down to just 3 dogs but none have had much training. They lived outside for first couple of years but now live inside and are house trained. I will be taking one dog with me and the two that would stay are: Jeffrey (4 years old, castrated): Grey hound like dog. Very energetic and very loving but needs basic training (he's ok at sit) so that comes back when called and could let off lead when out and about... Molly (4 years old and sister to Jeffrey, spayed): Like a large sausage dog and VERY nervous, especially of men. I have had both since they were born but think at some stage when I have not been there at my house in Bulgaria and had workmen in, someone has given her a good hiding. She takes ages to come round with strangers but is adoreable and quiet. Again needs basic training and to bring out of her self. It is a first floor 3 bed apartment with lounge, large kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The ground floor basement/cellar is also mine and the dogs have a playroom down there where they can be left as well. The decor is a little dated but all fine and in working order. Lovely views of Alps. There is Wifi and Sky TV. 10 minutes drive from Le Praz in Courchevel ski area where ski lifts are. An hour from Annecy and the lake. Massive area for cycling, walking, hiking, rafting, golf in the summer. Various events on during summer - ski jumping, air show etc. Few English in town but still quite French but you would not be isolated if you did not speak French. And can give you the telephone number of a couple of friends that you can call on if you needed. Single lady preferred or couple. Non-smokers (or you definitely agree to only smoke outside). No children and no cats. Would ask for a 100E deposit for the stay, which will be returned at end of your stay. I have had some trouble in the past with house sitters so would like deposit and references if possible.

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Hi unexpected business trip for a couple of weeks keeping me away from the French Alps so can anyone recommend a kennels for our two dogs in the Haute Savoie or failing that a dog sitting service? Thanks

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Hello I have a 9 month sheperd that needs a good home. We are moving back to uk in an emergency, so we are looking at rehoming our puppy as soon as possible. He is young and happy, full of energy and needs lots of love, it wouldnt be fair to take him to a city, itsBest if he stays here,  Can some one help please  

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Hello  can anyone suggest a good English speaking vet near Annecy?  thanks 

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