Are you about to buy a camera? Let me guide you in your choice!

Posted by: andreo photographer l Corporate, CV & Social Network Portrait Photographer Based in Geneva, Switzerland · 1597463486

Are you about to buy a camera? A camera is an investment, be it for everyday use or as an advanced amateur you need to choose the best camera for your needs a camera that doesn’t get outdated fast or as an amateur a camera that will grow with you. 

That’s where we can be of help, as a professional photographer my advise can save you money on the long run. So before you decide to invest into a new system let’s talk about it and define your needs first. 

We are in Lausanne and can move to Geneva (and neighbouring France) and for an hour or so of valuable advice including a few photography tips the 150 Swiss francs can be considered as a small fee for a decisive and targeted purchase! 

Hope to be able to help you soon meanwhile take good care but do enjoy your summer!