Are you in a leadership position?

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As a Program Coordination Manager in a business school I have been working with executives for over nine years.  Witnessing the challenges leaders face in an ever-changing environment, I see their need for time and space for reflection.  As a coach I offer to help them in understanding their current work-situation, often a complex and stressful environment, and support them in moving towards wholesome solutions.  


I started coaching professionally over six years ago, initially coaching group dynamics, and later incorporating a more holistic Integral Coaching approach. Always open to expanding my field of vision and understanding, I have embarked on further study in Executive Coaching with Tavistock Consulting, London. 


As I am exploring this new approach, I am able to offer Coaching Sessions at a reduced rate of CHF 100,- per two-hour session.  The only requirement is that you are employed and ideally in a managerial position. 


Sessions can be held in either German or English.

If you are interested or know someone who may benefit from getting coached on a work-related issue, please feel free to contact me at


Tim Sandock – HPL Program Coordination Manager