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Electric Mountainbike Frey Bike AM1000EX


The latest model from Frey Bike! More suspension travel, more power, more gears, longer battery life, downhill geometry - in short, a phenomenal bike – also for uphill.


Since my first Flyer F6 deluxe 20 years ago (I still have it, by the way), I have already owned 5 electric bikes. But this Frey Bike is definitely the coolest bike I've ever ridden! Bafang G512 motor, 1000W power with 1500W peak (which is 3x more powerful than a Bosch motor) and a huge torque of 160 Nm. A battery with 670 Wh plus a second one of the same power (which can be mounted or not) gives a total of 1340kw/h which is huge and enough for a big day trip with lots of climbs in the mountains. Not only on the road, but also in difficult terrain the stability of this bike is just too cool. On the way up, where it's difficult to start again, you just need a little push on the 'gas knob' which you control with the left thumb and off you go. For the descent the seat lowers hydraulically and the Magura MT5 double piston brakes (200mm) are very powerful (even for people over 100 kg). The Shimano SRAM NX 12 speed gearing is suitable any terrain from climbing stairs up to riding at 45 km/h without pedaling like crazy. On the display there is also a USB port to connect your smart phone (e.g. in GPS mode).


The Frey Bikes are the most powerful and only electric mountain bikes with a 1500W motor that I know of that can be street legal with a yellow plate up to 45 km/h. And you can really reach those 45km/h! The road equipment (headlights, registration, etc.) is available on demand and costs between 500.00 and 800.00 extra (depending on the luminosity of the headlight). The SuperNova M99Pro headlight for example is the most powerful headlight that is approved in Switzerland for a bicycle. The visibility is phenomenal at night, even on a trail in the forest. 


I am selling this new bike (2021, size L, second battery included, telescopic saddle) directly from the importer for Switzerland, with 2 years warranty on parts for CHF 5520.00


For me a test ride in 2019 was enough and I was hooked! What about you? Come and test this exceptional mountain bike, at the foot of the Jura in Essertines-sur-Rolle.   See you soon ;-)



Fork: Rockshox Lyric RC BOOST 110*15mm, 180mm

Rear suspension: Rockshox DELUXE 205*65mm,160mm

Telescopic seat: 120mm

Handlebars: 760mm

Rims: 27,5 inches

Tires: MAXXIS 27,5x2,8

Brakes: Magura MT5, 200mm diameter

Crank wheel: 40T

Derailleur: SRAM GX 12 speed (11-50T)

Motor: Bafang G510; 1000W Eco mode (1500W peak)

Torque: 160 Nm

Battery: Lithium 48V/21Ah, 2x 670Wh = 1340 Wh 

Charger: 100-240V; output 54.6V, 5A


Options: Street legal

- Street legal 45 km/h: (registration, Supernova V521 headlight, Supernova E3 tail light, rear view mirror, bell) 500.00 (option with Supernova M99pro: 800.00)