English? Easy!

40 CHF
Posted by: Margherita-Donati-961571 · 1589919577

I teach only English, I speak only English. It will be a full immersion from the start!

My goal is for you to learn the language as efficiently as possible, and therefore I always make it a point to adapt my teaching method and pace to my student. I am ready to meet your needs: conversation, grammar, business, everyday, small and big talk, anything you can think of, I will be happy to teach you.

I prefer working one on one, but I will accommodate two students if you want to bring along a classmate, provided you both are at more or less the same level. I only teach one-hour classes, unless your need is just for high-level conversation. In that case, we can talk as long as you want!

I work only within the city of Geneva, and I will travel to your preferred place at no extra fee. I also offer classes via WhatsApp video, Zoom and Skype, the need for which is particularly important during this time of social distancing for our safety.

If you have any questions or need further information feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help.

Stay safe!