Frannie's Hands Concierge, Errands, Pet Care

From 15 CHF per hour
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I offer concierge and errand services as well as pet care and home sitting. Special requests or other arrangements are availability subject to capacity at the time the service is needed.

1. Grocery, pharmacy or small items pickup within a 15 kilometer radius of your home 2. Home sitting including fridge/pantry restock for your return 3. Pet care (sorry no exotic animals) includes in-home feed, water, play time during your workday, trip to and/or pickup from veterinary. Special requests for pet care to accommodate extended vacation, weekends, evening, overnight, or urgent coverage possible, depending on availability 4. Meeting authorized service providers while you are away. 5. Friendly Pal - In home checking on home bound or temporarily incapacitated persons from Monday to Friday, from one day to every day. Normally, at no charge, depending on conditions or other requests. Subject to availability or conditions. Pricing by hour, by project, or by retainer package and available to provide services from Lausanne to Coppet.

About Me:

I am a youthful, retiring HR executive, American, and living in Switzerland more than 11 years.  I hold a Permit C .  English is my native tongue and I read and write French to level B2.  I understand what it means to have responsibilities outside the home while needing to handle things at home.  Let me help you have a little peace of mind by giving you a reliable, established, and knowledgeable resource to help you take care of the little things!