Custom Built Serotta Atlanta Road Bike


I am genuinely torn about selling this bike. It has given me immense pleasure and complete reliability over many kilometres.

The frame is custom-made light weight steel. It feels incredibly stable on the road and when turning. And, it is light enough for those who love to climb.



Top Tube - 55 cm

Seat Tube - 55 cm

Head Tube - 14 cm


Gruppo (gears / brakes) - Shimano 105

Wheels - Mavic CX 7 33

Hubs - Shimano Dura Ace

Pedals - Look 247

Seat - Italian leather

Handlebar stem - Icon

Seat post - Icon

Aero bar - Cinelli

Tires - Michelin


Light, sturdy rear mud guard

Zéfal xf Supervision rear light


Bike stand


This bike is ready to ride right now. Of course, the brake pads are worn and should be replaced but the tires are in good condition. Over time, you might want to upgrade the Gruppo and replace the cork tape on the handlebars.

But this bike is the real deal and the frame – which is as good as new and which Serotta no longer produces – is the real gem here. It is very hard to find this model of bike for sale today.

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