Includera - Expat Psychotherapy & counselling services


Feeling at a loss? A lack of energy? Looking for more purpose? or wishing for more understanding and connection in your relationships? Professional counselling providing support and insight for individuals, couples, families & teenagers. 


There are moments in life where we all feel that something is missing. That the challenges we face are exhausting and we would like to find a way to make some changes. Often we struggle internally and in relationship; with our partner or parenting our children. With over 22 years of experience, I take a deeper and more comprehensive approach than just listening or trying to find solutions. I aim to accompany you in identifying the underlying dynamics that are impacting you by providing you with the insight and tools necessary for real change. This often empowers you to feel more present, connected, energetic and able to to live your life and form your relationships the way you wish. 


 For couples, it is often transformative to take the time to gain more communication skills and understand the dynamics that impact your relationship. This can be an invaluable way to keep a relationship growing and connected. Similarly, it can be a critical step to take when your relationship is struggling or feeling as if it may come to an end. 



Specialised in: 

- Relational dynamics 

- Couples Therapy 

- Trauma 

- Family constellations 

- Depression 

- Anxiety 

- Loss 

- Parenting 

- Life changes and transition 

- Meditation for stress relief 


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