iMarshmallows Children Concierge

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iMarshmallws Childrens Concierge offers rich variety of spectacular services to all generations-busy parents, babies, children, teens. From splendiferous Birthday Parties & Party Planning, Decorations & Scrumptious Cakes, 24/7 Babysitting, Pick up/ Drop Off, and Play Groups Organising by Waldorf's philosophy, all parents can chill and relax, when busy & unavailable. 

We work with an amazing entertainers, clowns, magicians, montessori & Waldorf entertainers, Bio Cake makers, Baloon artists & babysitters! We provide pick ups & drop offs from and to school/activities, plan fantastic birthday parties! Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry.

Heroes Contest

Princesses Outbreak

Disney Fantasy

Baby Musical Party

Montessori Games Party

Magician Spell Bash

Halloween Craziness

Clown Fun Party

Customed Creation Party