Accountants, Auditors & Bookkeepers

Find an English-speaking accountant in Geneva for all fiduciary services, tax planning, and to assist with all tax issues for expats in Geneva. Specialists in corporate tax, payroll services for companies, and auditing. 

Partner SA
Accounting services, tax advice and asset management at 9, Place du Bourg de Four, 1204 Geneva.
Licensed Swiss audit experts and international Chartered Accountants providing auditing, corporate finance, forensic, tax and outsourcing (accounting, payroll and administrative) services. Member of RSM International network. Located in Carouge, Geneva.
FIDUSAP - Fiduciaire Francoise Sapin
Provides a range of services in the fields of audit, accounts and administration, management consultancy, controlling, taxation, consolidation and company management. At Route de Frontenex 32, 1207 Geneva.
Compta Centre
Accounting, administration and payroll management services. At 2 Rue de la Fa├»encerie, 1227 Carouge.
NDC Conseil - Nicolas Dzierlatka
Accounting services and asset management. Offices at 8, rue des Maraichers, 1205 Geneva.
Fehlmann & Associes SA
Auditing, tax planning and tax issues, accounting  and wealth management. At 15 Rue du Jeu de l'Arc, PO Box 6259, 1211 Geneve 6.
Societe de Controle Fiduciaire SA
Company specialised in fiduciary, financial and accounting services. At 54 Rte des Acacias, 1227 Carouge.
Company Administration Services
Company providing general accounting services, administration and help with international and Swiss tax matters. At 2, Cours de Rive, 1204 Geneva.
FIDUSAP - Fiduciaire Francoise Sapin
Provides a range of services in the fields of auditing, accounts and administration, management consultancy, controlling, taxation, consolidation and company management. At Route de Frontenex 32, 1207 Geneva.
Independent tax advisor and accountant (tax declarations, administration, official letters, accounting and documents). Speaks English and French. At 105 Av. du Bois-de-la-Chapelle, Geneva / Onex 1213.
Moore Stephens
Group of independent accounting and business advisory firms, offering accounting, tax, audit, financial and other services for businesses and individuals.Partners in Nyon and Geneva
WHS Conseils SA
Chartered accountant offering several services including fiscality, fiduciary, auditing and accounting. At 3 place du Cirque, 1204 Geneve.
Fiduciaire DynaDev SA
Trust company dealing with all legal, administrative and fiscal obligations in Switzerland for individuals and corporations. At Rue de l'Essert 4a1266 Duillier.
The Business Harbour
Financial services including accounting, payroll, salary hosting, tax and financial services as well as auditing. At 29 Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva.
Chartered management accountant providing Swiss accounting and tax services as well as consulting for individuals or companies. Contact Michael Parratt. Office located in the World Trade Center, 10, route de l'Aeroport, 1215 Geneva.
AZ Fidu Holding SA / FiduSynergie SA
Fiduciary services : accounting, auditing, offshore and tax optimization. Creation and valuation of companies, payroll duties, bookkeeping. Relocation and financial advisor services for Expats. Mortgages, loans. At 37 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva.
Accounting, fiduciary and financial consulting company. Offers services such as management consulting, auditing. At Le Tenere 49, Avenue dEvian, 74200 Thonon-les-Bains.
Fiduciaire Amedia
Accounting firm providing fiduciary services such as administration, accountancy, financial auditing, payroll, tax and legal advice for international clients. At 43 Boulevard Georges Favon, 1204 Geneva.
Uzunov Consulting
Uzunov Consulting is an accounting and tax consulting company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company manages the creation of entities in Switzerland, the corporate tax and accounting administration, as well as tax declarations for individuals.
Cccg SA
Financial services in different fields such as accounting, audit, fiduciary, fiscality and consulting. At 1 place de St-Gervais, 1201 Geneve.
Accounting and business management (administrative) services including global administration, HR and domiciliation. At 16 Rue Dr. Alfred-Vincent, 1201 Geneva.
Company specialised in fiduciary and accounting. Open from Monday to Friday 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. At PAE de la Chatelaine, 37 rue Rene Cassin, BP 23, 74240 Gaillard.
Local-Invest SA
Swiss fiduciary based in Geneva offering accounting services and crowdfunding platform.
Expertinum AG
Assistance with tax and financial planning, management consulting, audits, real estate and accounting. 
Baker Tilly Spiess SA
Accounting firm performing audit, accounting, tax and consulting services. Specialised in international work. Office at 47 rue du 31 Decembre, 1207 Geneva.
Saffery Champness
International firm of accountants and business advisors. At Boulevard Georges-Favon 18, 1204 Geneva.
Dryden Associates SA
Independent firm of Chartered Accountants and taxation advisers providing business administration, tax and accounting services to international and expatriate clients, specialising in crafting a local Swiss service to fit your larger international needs.
Accountants and taxation advisers specialised in providing cost effective services online to expatriate clients and international and domestic companies.
Evidens Consult SA
UK chartered accountant provides traditional and forensic accounting services to local and international clients, including financial statement preparation, tax and estate planning services. A 15 rue du Cendrier, 1211 Geneva
Raisin-Dadre Sarl
Accounting firm in Geneva for tax, accounting and human resource services. At 11 rue de Cornavin, 1201 Geneve.
Expatax Fiduciaire Reddani SA
Independent Swiss fiduciary firm with strong expertise in tax optimization, tax planning and full tax services for expat individuals. Delivers personalized services for accounting, payroll and administrative services for individuals and corporations.
Afigest SA
Auditing, tax and legal advice, fiduciary services, management consultancy and financial services. At 22 rue de lAthenee, 1206 Geneve.
Cogestor SA
Swiss accounting, fiduciary and financial consulting. Open from Monday to Friday 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:30. At 16 rue Voltaire, 1201 Geneve.
Audiconsult SA
Independent public accounting practices in Geneva with a multilingual team for accounting, audit and tax consulting. At 15 Rue du Cendrier,  1211 Geneva.
Bureau Fiduciaire Mauceri
Corporate accounting company providing general accounting, debt management, cost accounting and invoicing services. Based at 72 ave Eugene Lance, 1212 Grand Lancy.
G & P Fiduciaire
Accountancy, auditing, tax and corporate consulting services. 
Captus Sarl
Accounting, human resources, analysis, advice and administration services. At 5 rue des Sablieres, 1242 Satigny.
Creation and management of Anglo-Saxon trust funds, tax advice and accountancy services for companies and private individuals. Based at 114, rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Taxpro Sarl
Geneva based, US and Swiss individual tax return service for the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. At 40 Avenue de Luserna, 1203 Geneva.