Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons

Forever Laser Institut
Medical aesthetic centre providing cosmetic surgery and body treatments. At 56 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneve.
Dr Mishal Brugger
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery treatments like body contouring, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, facial surgery, skin treatment and lots more. Located at 16 Clinic Montchoisi Path Allinges, 1006 Lausanne.
The Concept Clinic
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, FMH specialist, fellow of the European board of plastic surgery. Practice includes breast augmentation, fat grafting enriched cells and liposuction. At 24 Bvd des Philosphes, 1205 Geneva.
Dr Nasser Madi - Aesthetic Medicine
Laser treatments (hair removal, facial rejuvenation, warts); facial rejuvenation and enhancement with Botox and/or fillers, excessive sweating , PRP, mesotherapy and liposculpture using FDA-approved radiofrequency and ultrasound. 
Dr Ulrich K. Kesselring
English speaking aesthetic plastic surgeon trained in Switzerland, Britain and the US for aesthetic surgery of the body and face as well as performing associated procedures like Botox and filler injections. At 4 avenue du Servan, 1006 Lausanne.
La Colline
Private clinic for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. See website for full details of all availalble treatments. At 76A avenue de la Roseraie, 1205 Geneva.
Dr Olivier Bauquis
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and more. Located at 4 Avenue du Servan, 1006 Lausanne.
Eye Laser Surgery
Laser refractive surgery for myopia and hyperopia using PRK and Lasik techniques. At 10, rue de la Croix-dOr, Geneva. 
Dr. Jan Pampurik
Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck, with 25 years of experience in private practice, private clinics in the US and Europe, and in various institutions and hospitals. At 8 Rue Emile-Yung, 1205 Geneve.
Plastic surgery and aesthetics clinic offering a range of treatments including laser and aesthetics, body contour and gynaecology. At Rue du Rhône 50, 1204 Geneva.
Dr Kouroche Amini
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, anti-aging aesthetic medicine. Fellow on the European board of Plastic, Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Located at 12 Chemin de Beau-Soleil, 1206 Geneve.
Dr Nathalie Koch
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery doctor. Located at Hopital de Morges, 2 chemin du Cret, 1110 Morges.
Nyon Laser - Dr. Michel Grimaitre
FMH specialist in dermatology for all medical needs and aesthetics using modern techniques, latest generation of lasers for skin problems.  At 19 Rue de la Combe, 1260 Nyon.
Dr. Monica Lassaire
Dr Monica Lassaire has a degree in aesthetic medicine and offers new techniques to erase the ravages of time. Proposes anti-age solutions. At 15 Avenue Rosemont, 1208 Geneva.
Dr Fulpius Chantal
English, German and French speaking, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery doctor for the face, body and more. Located at Medical Centre of Cressy, 99 Route de Loex, 1232 Confignon.
Dr Pierre Quinodoz
Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. Located at Hopital La Tour, avenue J.D. Maillard 1bis, 1217 Meyrin.
Medical and Surgical centre la Combe Nyon SA
Multiple services in general medicine, surgery, gynaecologists, dermatologist, cosmetic surgery at CMC center Nyon. Located at:  9, rue de la Morâche  1260 Nyon 
Cemedic, Medical Centre Dedie a l'Esthetique
Medical-surgical cosmetic center specialized in aesthetic treatments. Other treatments include liposculpture, eyelid surgery, stretch mark, wrinkle treatments, hair transplant, vein treatment, anti ageing. At 32 Rue du Prieure, 1202 Geneva.
Dr Raphael Gumener
Reconstructive, aesthetic and plastic surgeon for aesthetic blepharoplasty, cervicofacial lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, reconstruction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction and more. At 112 Route de Florissant, 1206 Geneve.
Centre Feel Well
Aesthetic medicine and surgery by specialists. Professional advice and treatment for hair implants, breast implants and liposuction. Surgical and non-surgical procedures. At Rue Emile-Yung 1, 1205 Geneva
Centre Dermolaser Esthetique SA
Cosmetic institute, laser cosmetic treatment, hair removal, laser medical treatment, waxing, anti-aging treatments, wrinkle treatment, cellulite and firming, skin blemishes treatments and more. At 15 Rue des Alpes, 1201 Geneva.
Dr Yolanda Botta-Kauer
French, English, Spanish, German and Italian speaking Swiss Specialist (FMH) in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Swiss Specialist (FMH) in Hand Surgery. Practicing at 1Rue Emile-Yung, 1205 Geneve.
Clinique Care Geneva
Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine center brings together aesthetic medicine (non-surgical procedures) and plastic surgery for men and women. Located at 12 rue Rodolphe-Toepffer, 1206 Geneve.
Dr Sillard Philippe - Aesthetic Medicine
Aesthetic medicine for the face and silhouette. Treatments include botox, fillers, mesotherapy, laser, peelings, hair loss, whitening teeth, microdermabrasion, radiofrequencies. At 18 rue de la Terrasiere, 1207 Geneva.
Dr B Elias
Senior physician at Geneva University Hospitals specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Rhinoplasty, Eyelid surgeries, Minifacelifts, Breast enhancement, Tummy tuck, Liposuctions, Botulinium injection and hyaluronic acid.
CMEA Clinique
Offers a range of anti-aging treatments using new technologies. At 26 chemin Francois-Lehmann, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex.
Aesthetics Clinic
Plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and laser hair removal. Aesthetics Geneva, situated at 7th floor, 8 rue du 31 Decembre, 1207 Geneva.
Riviera Clinic
Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic with a specialist cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon for face lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, wrinkles treatment and more. At 3 quai Perdonnet, 1800 Vevey.
Dr Emmanuel Dudrap
English, French and German speaking FMH affiliated, European board certified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon for the face, body, breasts as well as reconstructive surgery. Located at Clinique de Genolier, 1272 Genolier.
Dr Claude Oppikofer
Swiss center for plastic and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and much more. Located at 3 Grand-Rue, 1820 Montreux.
Clinique Adonis
Clinic specialised in cosmetic surgery. Open on Mondays from 10:30 to 17:00, Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 and Saturdays 08:30 to 15:00. At 7-9 Rue de Cornavin, 1201 Geneva.
Dr Frank Trepsat
English speaking plastic surgeon for Reconstructive Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery with many years of experience. Visit the website for more information. Located at Clinique de Genolier, 1272 Genolier.
Dr Moez Beldi M.D
Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery for the face and body including hair graft, rhinoplasty, facelift, breast surgery, bodylift and much more. Located at 2 Bis, Rue Saint-Leger, 1205 Geneve.
Dr Marianne Prevot
Post-graduate specialist FMH in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries. Active member of the International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. At Avenue Eugène-Pittard 34, 1206 Geneva.
Dr Christian W. Flisch
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, body contouring, liposuction and much more. Located at 1 Route de Florissant, 1206 Geneve.