Dance & Drama Classes: Geneva

Extravadanse Ecole
Dance school offering dancing classes for children and adults. At 4 rue Pasteur, 74100 Ville la Grand.
Atelier Danse Manon Hotte
Offers classical dance workshops for children from 4 years old, teenagers and adults. At 21 Avenue des Tilleuls, 1203 Geneva.
Ledge Danceschool
Dance school specialising in urban dances including hip-hop, break dance, house dance, ragga dancehall, popping. At 110 Rue de Lyon, 1203 Geneva.
Comedians offering roadshows and theatre lessons. At 34 Quai du Seujet, 1201 Geneva.
Am Stram Gram
Theatre with 340 seats presenting a number of plays and activities for children. At 56 Route de Frontenex, 1207 Geneva.
Simply Theatre Academy
The academy offers classes in both Acting and Musical Theatre for ages 4 - 18. Our courses are run by professional theatre practitioners with a focus on nurturing each individual student. Summer workshops in Versoix starting from age 5, offering dance cam...
Crescendo Dance School
Dance classes for children, adolescents and adults. Allows students to develop physical and artistic potential. Also offers classes in classical dance, modern-jazz and modern dance. At 19 Chemin de la Planche d'Aire, 1212 Grand Lancy.
Academie de Danse Flamenca Antonio Perujo
Offers all levels of flamenco dance lessons. Traditional and contemporary courses available. At Rue de Lyon 42bis, 1203 Geneva.
Studio des Bains SA
School offering a wide range of dance lessons for children age 4 and above as well as adult classes. At 17 Rue des Maraichers, 1205 Geneva.
5Rhytmes - Geneva
Free movement dance class following the 5Rhythms dance originated in America by Gabrielle Roth. See website for classes and dance workshops. 
Salsa Geneva
Dance lessons specializing in Puerto Rican salsa. With over 10 years of experience, the school offers courses from beginners to advanced levels. At ECG Henry-Dunant, 20 Avenue Edmond-Vaucher, 1203 Geneva.
Espace Danse Peter Heubi
Offers dance classes to children, teenages and adults. Modern dance classes such as jazz available. Classic dance also available. At 33Bis Avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont, 1207 Geneva.
Jana Dance Center
From age four to adults. Classic , African, oriental, modern jazz, tap dance, hip-hop character, Bollywood and more. At 80 rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva.
Studio Flay Ballet
Offers different level of ballroom dancing lessons including classical ballroom dancing, modern, jazz, stretching and pilates. At 5 Rue de la Tour-de-Boel, 1204 Geneva.
Kids Dance
Dance classes for children aged 8 and upwards on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Charmille, Onex or Thonex.
Serguei Nikonov
Dance school offering a wide range of dance classes including classical ballroom dancing, modern dancing and tap-dancing. At 6 Chemin du Repos, 1213 Petit-Lancy.
Scottish Country Dance Club
Club for learning and practising Scottish country dancing. Meetings take place every Thursday from 19:30-22:00 at the Holy Trinity church, rue du Mont Blanc, 1201 Geneva.
Dance Area
Private dance school offering a wide range of classes for children and adults for all levels and abilities. At 19 Rue de la Coulouvreniere, 1204 Geneva.
Sucre Dorient - Oriental Dance
Instructor, choreographer and performer offering beginners Oriental dance classes. Located at Usine Kugler, Rue de la Truite 4bis.
Club Zou
Offer dance classes from age seven. Classes for juniors and adult in dance show, ballet, salsa, rock, hip hop, tango and many more. At 1 Rue Gourgas, 1204 Geneva.
Urban Team
Dance school with several studios in Geneva offering hip-hop, house dance, voguing, breakdancing and other classes for all levels. See website for current class schedule and addresses of other studios. At 29 Rue Maunoir, 1207 Geneva.
Makhlouf Nadia
Offers traditional and contemporary Arabian dance classes for all ages. At 13 Avenue du Millenaire, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates.
Cours Bravo
Classes and dance evenings in Latino dance, ballroom dance, rock, disco and hip hop. Cours Bravo also offers professional tuition to dancers of all ages and all levels. Lessons and evenings take place at various locations in Geneva.
School of Cuban and Portorican style Salsa dance. Classes take place in the Brasseur des Grottes, 6 rue de la Servette, as well as in La Toca (el Pueblo) rue de Lyon 75, Geneva.
Danse Art Academie
Ballroom dancing, dance lessons and drama classes available. At 5 Avenue de Thonex, 1226 Thonex.
Theatre Les Montreurs d'Images
School offering drama classes, classical and contemporary dance classes. Also includes aikido. At 9 Rue Michel-Simon, 1205 Geneva.
Ahlam Tsouli Danse Atelier
Offers ballroom dancing classes for all ages Monday to Thursday from 18:30 to 21:45. At 8 Rue Henri-Christine, 1205 Geneva.
Academie de danse K Danse ecole de danse de salon SA
Offers a wide range of dance classes including samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, jive, tango, slow-fox, quickstep and many more. At 58 Avenue du Cure Baud, 1212 Grand-Lancy.
Dance classes including ballroom, Latin, nightclub dancing, foxtrot, rock and roll, hip hop and many more. At 112 Rue de Lyon, 1203 Geneva.
Salsa & Dance Academy Sarl
Dance classes for couples and others. Salsa, tango and kizomba are taught.  Classes held at the Mambo campus. At 60-62 Street Monthoux, 1201 Geneva.
Ecole de Danse Wanda B.
Modern, ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, breakdance from age four to adult. Classes also held in Eaux-Vives. At 22 Chemin Manycy (main), 1222 Vesenaz.
Salseros de Hoy
Provides different levels of salsa dance classes for beginners. Includes elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. At Chemin de l'Emeraude, 1214 Vernier.
Association Piccolo Opera
Opera school for children age 6 to 12. Classes are taught in English and French. At 8 Rue de la Chapelle, 1207 Geneva.
Geneva Dance Center
Offers classical ballet, modern dance, ballet jazz, stretching/toning and baby-dance classes. At 2 Rue Peillonnex, 1225 Chene-Bourg.
Acrobatic gym and circus school for pupils age five and above. Offers classes within some schools.  At 26 Bernex-en-Combes, 1233 Bernex.
GAOS Geneva Amateur Operatic Society
English speaking amateur musical society with 3 to 4 major productions each year.  See website for information on how to join or for the programme of events and productions.
Chaussat-Chevalley Genevieve
Offers elementary dance classes for beginners as from 5 years old. Intermediate and professional classes also available. At 51 Chemin Moise-Duboule, 1209 Geneva.
Mix Dance
Dance school with a variety of dance classes including Capoeira and oriental dance for children from 5 years old. At Chemin de la Mère Voie 60, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates and other locations in Geneva (see website for all addresses). 
Nia Geneva
Offers dance-fitness classes. Sensory based movement practice influenced by martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Open to women and men of all fitness levels. At La Julienne, Route de Saint Julien 116, 1228 Plan-Les-Ouates.