Estate Agents: Haute-Savoie, France

Bailet Immobilier
Real estate agency in the French Alps. Also specialised in resale, BPS caretaking, real estate development, BSG rental and consulting. At 15 avenue du General De Gaulle, 74200 Thonon-Les-Bains.
Genevois Immobilier
Real estate agency providing a range of services. At 9 rue Fernand David, BP 385, 74163 Saint-Julien-en-Genevois Cedex.
Cristallin Immo
Real estate agency. Also provides consulting services. At 36 rue de Moellesulaz, 74240 Gaillard.
nidski property
Ski property listings, mortgage, currency and guides to buying a chalet or apartment in French, Swiss and Austrian Alps.
Dominique Pellet Transactions
Real estate agency. Open from Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00. At 7 place J.-J. Rousseau, 74100 Annemasse.
Bouvet-Cartier Immobilier
Estate agents specialising in residential and commercial property, lease management, purchase and sale of apartments, villas, apartment buildings and land, at 16 rue Helvetie, Croix Ambilly, BP 737 74111 Annemasse.
Alpi Immobilier
Estate agent specialising in purchase, sale, rental and management of apartments, villas, garages and land, at 14 rue du Centre, 74140 Douvaine.
Arpege Immobilier
Real estate agency providing services such as financing, condominium management, new housing, renting, holidays rental, long stay rental and professional estate. At 92 route Geneve, 74240 Gaillard.
Euro Suisse Immo
Real estate agency. Provides advise and solutions in the real estate field. At 48 route Vallees, 74100 Annemasse.
Eurovisa Immobilier
Property agents specialising in residential and commercial properties, including lease management, purchase and sale of flats, houses and apartment, furnished or unfurnished, at 7 avenue dEvian, 74200 Thonon les Bains.
Leggett Immobilier
French Property for sale in Haute Savoie. Large property selection represented by "on the ground" agents who visit all listed houses. Full after sales service at no extra cost.
AJC Immobilier
Real estate agency specialised in the sales of houses, apartments and villas. At 49 avenue de la Gare, 74100 Annemasse.
Espace Immobilier Transactions
Estate agent specialising in purchase and sale of apartments, villas and other residential properties. Also deals in renovations, located at 3 rue Ursules, 74200 Thonon les Bains.
Immobilier Eco
Real estate agency selling eco-friendly buildings in the Haute-Savoie region of France. At 430 route de la Rappe, 74140 Lucinges.
Sogerim Savoie-Dauphine
Company specialising in real estate development. Offers many services including consulting. At 17 rue du Clos du Fleury, 74100 Annemasse.
David Walls Real Estate Photographer
Real estate interior and exterior photography. Offers services to real estate agencies, architects and interior designers, businesses - hotels , guest houses and individuals. Fluent English and French spoken.
Immo Confiance
In Saint-Julien en Genevois, on the French border site offering luxury flats and contemporary villas. At 64 Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich.
Moynat Peillex
Real estate agency provides a wide of services in this field. Includes purchase, sale and rent. At Place Mairie, 74140 Douvaine.
Eurimo Transactions et Gestion Immobiliere
Real estate agent specialising in buying, selling and rental of apartments, villas and houses. Also offers lease management services, at 10 rue du Bourg, 74140 Messery.
Cimm Immobilier Excelcoach Sarl
Real estate agency specialised in the sales of houses and apartments. At 20 rue Moellesulaz, 74240 Gaillard.
Agence des Damiers - Annemasse
Estate agent specialising in purchase, sale and rental of apartments, villas, houses and garages. Also provides expertise in lease management, located at chemin du Nant 1, 01210 Ferney Voltaire.
Real estate agency offering several services. At Athena1 Technopole dArchamps, 74160 Archamps.
MHM Immobilier
Real estate agency offering a friendly, flexible and quality service. Also provides lawyers, notaries and different service providers. At 4 rue Chablais, 74100 Annemasse.
Majestic Immobilier
Real estate agency selling and renting houses and apartments for holidays and long stays. At 10 rue St-Sebastien, 74200 Thonon-les-Bains.