FINMA Authorised Financial Institutions

Banque Paris Bertrand Sturdza SA
A secure private bank to cater for the requirements of large family fortunes, institutional investors and wealth management services. Located at 19 Rue de Candolle, 1211 Geneva 12.
BankMed (Suisse)
Global wealth assessment, fiduciary transactions, foreign exchange, precious metals trading, brokerage of stocks and bonds, investment funds, discretionary management, advisory services, financial planning and more. 3 Rue du Mont-Blanc, 1211 Geneva.
AIT Advanced Investment Techniques SA
FINMA authorized privately owned company for managing assets for Institutions, Financial Intermediaries and Private investors worldwide. Located at Route Suisse 7, 1295 Mies.
Univalor Trust SA
A Swiss financial Trust company, licensed by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to act as depository, custodian and securities broker dealer and complete range of asset management financial services. 14 Rue Kleberg, 1201 Geneve.
BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA
Wealth management for private clients and commodity finance for businesses, corporate and Investment banking, specialized global financing products and other services. Located at 2 Place de Hollande, Ch-1204 Geneva.
NBF International S.A.
Individual investor, high-end electronic brokerage service allowing clients to access American and Canadian markets quickly and securely. Located at 15 rue du Cendrier, 1201 Geneve.
Action Finance SA
Business advisor, financial expert analyst, wealth management, fund distribution and reporting services firm affiliated with FINMA. Located at 67 Rue du Rhone, 1211 Geneve.
Valcourt SA
A Swiss Financial Institution, regulated by FINMA, advises and deals in bonds for institutions, professional investors, Banks and Independent Portfolio Managers Bond Funds. Located at 2 Rue de la Rotisserie, 1211 Geneve.
Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA
Wealth management, private banking services for private, institutional and corporate clients with a range of innovative products and solutions, authorized by FINMA. Located at 4 quai General Guisan, 1204 Geneva.
La Compagnie Financiere Rodolphe Hottinger SA
Swiss financial institutio for wealth management services regulated by the FINMA. Visit the website for more information. Located at 10 quai du Seujet, 1201 Geneve.
Cronos Finance SA
Wealth management, Investment and investment funds authorized by FINMA and ASG. Located at 2 rue du Lion-dOr, 1003 Lausanne.
CACEIS Switzerland SA
Asset management, investment and investment funds, offers support, analysis, launch, management and administration for all types of collective investments schemes. Located at 7-9 chemin de Precossy, 1260 Nyon.
CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA
Private banking, wealth management, financial planning, trading, investment management services, investment planning and other financial services. Located at 7 Boulevard Emile-Jaques-Dalcroze, 1211 Geneva 3.
Bordier & Cie
Bordier & Cie - Wealth management, private bankers, portfolio management and much more since 1844. Visit the website for more information about the services. Located at 16 rue de Hollande, 1204 Geneve.
Spectrum IFA Group
Regulated financial planners, covering all aspects of insurance, tax-optimisation (e.g. Pillar 3a), pensions, QROPS, and mortgages up to 90%. Contact us to arrange a confidential, no obligation consultation.
Ethos Services SA
Asset management company offers a range of investment funds and asset management mandates managed according to sustainable development principles. Located at 2 Place Cornavin,1211 Geneva.
Amundi Suisse SA
Asset Management, a comprehensive range of funds, extensive and well balanced client base operating in the major financial centres in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Located at 6-8 rue De-Candolle, 1205 Geneve.
Decova SA
A Swiss financial company, subject to the supervision of FINMA for discretionary portfolio management, investment advice, security trading (shares, bonds and funds), foreign exchange and fixed term deposits. At 1 Place Saint-Gervais, 1201 Geneva.
Capital International
Investment management and asset management company for institutional and individual clients across the globe. Located at 3 place des Bergues, 1201 Geneve.
Cite Gestion SA
A securities trading company which manages, advises and administers the wealth of its private client base, which consists of both local and international clients. Located at 15-17 Rue de la Cite, 1204 Geneve.
Bridport & Cie SA
Specialized in financial services. Provides services in the global bond markets, asset management, equity execution and money broking. At 1 place de Longemalle, 1204 Geneva.