Geneva Blogs & Websites

Website providing information on the night time bus service in Geneva.
Lake Geneva Region
Official website of the Lake Geneva Region. At 60 Avenue dOuchy, 1001 Lausanne.
Leman Sans Frontiere
Information on the towns, villages, events, culture, tourism, public transport and more in the Leman region.
Official website for the Geneva region. Information on administration, schooling, driving and more
Restaurant website with up-to-date information on new and well-known restaurants in and around Geneva or neighbouring France.
Geneva Central
Web portal in French and English regrouping links to a wide list of Geneva based companies, associations and other useful links.
Online information concerning the traffic in Geneva and providing real time mobility information on the Geneva area.
Living in Nyon
Website with useful, helpful information specifically for newcomers to the town of Nyon. With up-to-date information on events, local politics and nature and more.
Tryngo Sarl
An online platform for sharing objects, services, activities and space. Need a stroller, gear, or language classes? Book what you need for a good price. Have an object or skill that doesnt get used often enough? Make a listing an earn some cash.
The Geneva Community
Website for the English-speaking community featuring events, products and services in the Geneva region and nearby France.
City Expat
Web portal providing information for expatriates in Geneva.
Online magazine information on whats on and whats new for children in Geneva and Lausanne: theatre, movies, exhibitions, books, DVD, sport and cultural activities.
Canton of Vaud
International website of the Lake Geneva Region. Information and advice for relocating, living and working in the Canton of Vaud. At 11 Rue Caroline, 1014 Lausanne.