Heating & Air Conditioning

Jean Grando
Provides heating systems, domestic appliances and installation, maintenance and repair services. Open from Tuesday to Saturday 08:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00. At 6 rue des Granges, 74200 Thonon les Bains.
Primiceri Enzo (Sarl)
Specialised in the manufacture of chimneys in marble, stone and metal.   Open from Monday to Friday 14:30 to 19:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. Located at:  Z.A. Les Aiglettes Sud 115, 01170 Gex.
Dagand SA
Provides services such as installation and maintenance of heating systems, plumbing, air conditioning and piping. At Chemin de Bernoud, BP 401, 74150 Rumilly.
Secu Flamme Sarl
Specialists in fireplace. Provides direct vent fireplaces, wood burning fire places, vent free fireplaces, outdoor, b-vent fire places and stoves. At 17 Rue du Bois-du-Lan, 1217 Meyrin.
Tech Support
Installation of air conditioning systems for offices also specialised in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and universal wiring. Based at 17A, rue Marziano, 1227 Les Acacias.
Chimney manufacturer and supplier. Provides both modern and contemporary chimneys. At 24 impasse de la Loex, 74100 Vethraz Monthoux.
Shop specialised in bio fuel fireplaces, and also offers a variety of furniture for interior designing.  At 8 Rue de la Rotisserie, 1204 Geneva.
Espace Energie Sarl
Company specialised in thermal engineering, installations and maintenance of geothermal plants. At Chemin de Charudenant, 74100 Vetraz-Monthoux.
Company specialising in energy saving systems. Also provides services such as installation and maintenance of air conditioner. At 226 rue du Jura lOctogone, 74160 Neydens.
Compagnons du Feu
Great choice of fireplaces, including Cheminees Philippe. No-fuss service delivery and installation in France as well as Switzerland. At Route de Thonon, RN 206, 74140 St-Cergue.
For all your plumbing, heating and electrical needs. All work undertaken by UK qualified time served tradesmen. Installation and repairs of all plumbing & heating systems. First class workmanship and competitive rates. No subcontractors.
Installation of heating systems; gas, domestic fuel and solar panels. Maintenance and repair services 24/7. At 14 Avenue Vibert, 1227 Carouge.
Company specialised in heating and air conditioning systems. Provides installation and maintenance services. AT 251 route des Bauches, 744330 Sillingy.
Rents air-conditioning, refrigerator and refrigerating show case, cooler and heaters as well. At 41 Route de Bardonnex, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates.
Froid CPA SA
Specialists in airconditioning, installation of insulated panels and industrial refrigeration. Also provides maintenance. At 107 Route du Nant-dAvril, 1217 Meyrin.
La Generale du Froid SA
Specialists in refrigerators and airconditioning. Provides repair and maintenance services. At 19 Chemin du Champ-des-Filles, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates.
Airwell Air Conditioning
Air conditioning systems for residential and commercial properties. Wide selection of air conditioners and air purifiers. At 27, rue du Pre Bouvier, 1217 Meyrin.
Tech Building SA
Company specialising in the planning of IT rooms, air conditioning systems, ventilation and renewable energy. At 35 Rue E. Marziano, 1227 Les Acacias.
Roger Kniskern
Heating and air conditioning specialist for air conditioning installations, heating systems, solar panels, installation of heat pumps and sanitary installations. Emergency services 24/7. Based at 51 Ave Mont-Blanc 1202 Geneva.
Bosson Pillet
Installation, maintenance and breakdown services for all heating systems. Available 24/7 for emergencies. Based at Petit Lancy.
Frigo-Climat SA
Specialists in industrial refrigeration. Also specialised in air-conditioning and coolers. At 4 Chemin de Castelver, 1255 Veyrier.
Clim Diffusion
Company specialised in air conditioning systems and reversible heating systems. Based at 50, avenue de la Praille, 1227 Carouge / Genève.
Philippe Marechal SA
Specialized in domestic appliances, heating and air conditioning with more than 25 years of experience. At 23A Rue Eugene-Marziano, 1227 Les Acacias/Geneve.
Allobuches RMS Sarl
Provides firewood logs cut at 33 and 50 cm long on pallets, delivered to your home by a mini loader Pellets, in Geneva area. Logs are already set at no time lost.
Yellow Power International
Thermal solar energy systems for solar powered water heating and hot water storage, for the home and swimming pool. At 28 Chemin du Pre-Puits, 1246 Corsier.
Deville Mazout
Deliveries of heating oil and premium heating oil throughout the Lake Geneva region. Also sales of LPG bottles, patio heaters and barbecues.