Hospitals: Geneva Left Bank

Childrens Hospital - HUG
For consultations and emergencies. It has developed leading-edge services and is a centre of expertise in many disciplines. Situated at 6 Rue Willy-Donze, 1205 Geneva.
Centre Hospitalier de St Julien Leman
General hospital at Rue Amedee de Savoie, 74160 St Julien en Genevois.
Clinique de Carouge
Clinic for all emergencies, also offering radiology and physiotherapy services. The medical staff speak English. At 1, ave Cardinal Mermillod, 1227 Carouge.
Medecins - Urgences
Permanences médicales - Médecins - service de consultations à domicile et rendez-vous rapides, pour enfant et pour adulte, 7J/7 at rue de la Servette 61 - 1202 Genève
Maternity Hospital - HUG
Provides gynaecological and obstetric care for women. Services include pre and post-natal inpatient units, labour rooms, operating theatres emergency gynaecological and obstetric services.  Located at:  30 Bd de la Cluse, 1205 Geneva.
Clinic for knee problems specialising in knee reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine. At 36 Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod, 1227 Carouge.
Centre Hospitalier Alpes LĂ©man
General hospital at 17 rue du Jura, 74100 Ambilly.
Breast Cancer Screening Foundation in Geneva
Breast screening program inform the population about screening and invite all women living in Geneva to do a mammogram every 2 years from age 50. 90% of this exam is reimbursed by basic health insurance. At 43 Boulevard de la Cluse,1205 Geneva.
Centre Medico-Chirurgical des Eaux-Vives
Private clinic representing multiple medical disciplines. Emergency room is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00. At 4 rue du Nant, 1207 Geneva.
Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve - HUG
English speaking doctors are available for consultations by appointment at this hospital situated at 4 Rue Gabrielle- Perret-Gentil, 1205 Geneva.
Dianalabs SA
Medical analysis laboratory specialised in obstetric and maternity. At 6 rue de la Colline, 1205 Geneva.
Nouvelle Clinique Vert Pre
Private clinic specialised in urology, gynaecology and plastic surgery. At 15 chemin de la Colombe, 1231 Conches.
Dianuro - Centre de Perineologie
Medical centre specialising in the treatment of incontinence and related disorders using a multi-disciplinary approach. At 54 bis route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge.
Medical Centre of Cressy
English, German and French speaking plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery doctors for the face, body, also homeopathy, ostheopathy, dermatology, and more. Located at 99 Route de Loex, 1232 Confignon.
Private Division - HUG
Switzerlands premier teaching hospital. Well qualified staff, due attention to medical and nursing care, advanced treatments, specialized in medical research and innovations. At 4 Rue Gabrielle- Perret-Gentil, 1205 Geneva.
Clinique Generale-Beaulieu
Private healthcare facility offering all medical specialities, care, after-care and maternity. Enquiries can be directed to the reception office between 09:00-18:30, Monday to Friday. Centre located at 20 chemin Beau-Soleil, 1206 Geneva.
Centre de Radio-Oncologie
Private clinic providing a modern radiation oncology facility for the treatment of patients with cancer. Swiss basic insurance tariffs apply. At 26 Rue Maunoir, 1207 Geneva. Parking available.
Clinique de la Colline
Multidisciplinary medical and surgical establishment (specialising in 13 different fields) for long stay and outpatient care. It includes an Emergencies Centre which applies the quality charter of the Genevan emergency services network.
Clinique des Grangettes
Private hospital with an emergency department and specialising in general surgery, cardiology, maternity, paediatrics, urology and orthopaedic surgery. At 7, chemin des Grangettes, 1224 Chenes-Bougeries.