Hospitals: Vaud

Clinique Bois-Cerf
Private hospital and healthcare clinic covering all medical speciality fields. Enquiries can be made from 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00, Monday to Friday. At 31 avenue dOuchy, 1006 Lausanne.
Clinique Biotonus Bon Port
Clinic for internal medicine, specialising in treating diseases of modern life relating to stress and overwork, depression, substance dependency and weight problems. At 21 rue Bon Port, 1820 Montreux.
Private nursing home for up to 70 residents. Reception open from 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:30. At 24 Chemin des Châtaigniers, 1292 Chambésy.
Hospital et EMS dAubonne
Has a Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation (CTR), an EMS, a temporary accommodation unit (ATU) and various services to medium and long stay. Capacity of 8 rooms with 1 bed and 6 rooms with 2 beds. At Rue de Trevelin 67, 1170 Aubonne.
Independent Mid-Wives
Pre- and post-natal services: birth preparation, pregnancy check-ups, home births, birth center, post-natal care for mother and child with help for breastfeeding classes. At Bressonaz-Dessous, 1085 Vulliens.
CLP - Clinique La Prairie
Offers a range of medical services and a wide variety of specialized consultations and surgical services including internal medicine, paramedical services, weight management and more. At Chemin de la Prairie, 1815 Clarens-Montreux.
Hospital of Valais
Offers services in all areas of modern medicine - whether its acute somatic care, non-acute, psychiatric, laboratory. Treatment of serious injuries in Switzerland. Important place in training of doctors. At Av. 86 du Grand Champsec, 1951 Sion.
Espace Prevention Morges
Workshops in French held in the Vaud area: healthy eating, stretching for all ages, a special class for those suffering from Parkinsons Disease, as well as self defense. At 1 Place du Casino, 1110 Morges.
Maison de Naissance Aquila
A birthing huse in a nintimate setting. The midwife will follow pregnant women through their pregnancy and birth. At Chemin du Grand Chene, 1860 Aigle.
Pure Clinic Centre médical de Sion
Providing general and internal medicine, physiotherapy, others. English speaking. Children friendly environment. Rue du Scex 33, 1950 Sion. 7/7 Emergency 0800.800.750
Espace Prevention Nyon
Workshops in French held in the Vaud area: healthy eating, stretching for all ages, a special class for those suffering from Parkinsons Disease, as well as self-defense. At 17 Rue des Marchandises, 1260 Nyon.
Hopital Riviera - Vevey
Private hospital practising in most areas of medicine and surgery, with a special emphasis on oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and gynaecology/obstetrics. Situated at Site de la Providence, 3 avenue de la Prairie, 1800 Vevey.
Domaine de la Gracieuse
Aparthotel for the retired offering long or short term accommodation including 24/7 healthcare. At Chemin des Vignes 14, 1027 Lonay.
Beauty clinic offering a full range of aesthetic medical and paramedical specialities including plastic surgery, aesthetic dentistry and hair transplant. At 43 avenue de Collonge, 1820 Montreux-Teritet.
Clinique de Montchoisi
Founded in 1932 as a specialized gynecological care clinic, also includes major surgical disciplines. At 10 Chemin des Allinges, 1006 Lausanne.
Hopital Riviera - Montreux
Public hospital with emergency center 24/7. Pediatrics, gynecology, pediatric surgery, urology and neurosurgery. At 25 avenue de Belmont, 1820 Montreux.
Policlinique Osteopathique
Osteopath polyclinic treating adults and children. Emergencies (best to call first) or with appointment. Open 24h/7. At 1 Route des Monts-de-Lavaux, 1092 Belmont/Lausanne.
Clinique Cecil
Cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, general and neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Cardiology centre, gynaecology and obstetrics. Medically-assisted fertilisation centre. At 53 avenue Ruchonnet, 1003 Lausanne.
Policlinique Medicale Universitaire
Offer emergency services daily 24/7. At 44 rue du Bugnon, 1011 Lausanne.
Maison de Naissance Zoe
A house operated by two midwives, accommodating up to 2 families between a few hours and four days. They both speak French, English and German. At 9 Rue du Poyet, 1510 Moudon.
Hospital de Gilly
Sanatorium turned to general hospital, has a treatment center and rehabilitation (CTR) and a temporary accommodation unit (ATU) with multidisciplinary experts providing health services. At 12 Rte du Pavillon, 1182 Gilly.
Clinique de Longeraie
Orthopaedic surgery, micro-surgery, aesthetic surgery, permanent day and night emergency service, physiotherapy and ergotherapy. Located at: 39 Av. D'Ouchy  1006 Lausanne
Clinique de la Source
Private establishment for the treatment of acute, surgical and medical cases and a modern maternity clinic operating with emergency unit 7 days a week. 30 avenue Vinet, 1004 Lausanne.
Hopital de lEnfance
Childrens hospital providing care for babies, children and teenagers. At 16 Chemin de Montetan, 1000 Lausanne.
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Hospital offering a full range of health care. Situated at 46, rue du Bugnon, 1011 Lausanne.
EMS des Paquis
Located in Morges 10 min. walk from the railway station, having capacity of 48 beds responds to urgent needs - psycho geriatric accommodation in the region and health facility that meets current standards. At 20 Rue Henry-Dunant, 1110 Morges.
Medicol Centre Orthopedique Lausanne
Orthopedic center in Lausanne for orthopedic surgery and sports medicine with a competent team of orthopedic specialists and a state-of-art center for surgeries. Visit the website for more information. Located at 18 Ave d Ouchy, Lausanne.
Hospital de Morges
Provides health facilities. Having 168 inpatient beds and 18 day hospital beds for acute care, many care services and consultations. At chemin du Cret 2, 1110 Morges, Vaud.
Chateau de la Rive
Private residential and nursing home with a team of in-house doctors, nurses and physiotherapists. At Chemin de Curtinaux 14, Case postale 228, 1095 Lutry.
EMS Nelty de Beausobre
Provides all health facilities with 50-bed EMS. Having 32 rooms with 1 bed and 9 rooms with 2 beds. At 3 Rue des Charpentiers, 1110 Morges.
Clinique de Genolier
Private clinic for oncology, gynaecology, treatment of breast cancer, plastic surgery, orthopaedics and medical imaging. Clinic situated at 1, route du Muids, 1272 Genolier.
Hopital Zone de Nyon
State run hospital. Call for appointement first unless it is a real emergency. Visiting hours for general patients 13:30 to 20:00. At 10 Chemin Monastier, 1260 Nyon.
Lavey Medical Centre
Medical and spa centre specialising in the treatment of rheumatic complaints, chronic pain, backache and in functional or post-operative rehabilitation. The medical centre is separately located at the Les Bains de Lavey complex at Lavey-les-Bains 1892.
Centre Medico-Chirurgical Nyon SA
Multiple services in general medicine, surgery, gynaecologists, dermatologist, cosmetic surgery and physiotherapy.  At 9, rue de la Morâche  1260 Nyon
Ensemble Hospitalier de La Côte
Hospital de Morges, Hospital et EMS dAubonne, Hospital de Gilly, EMS Nelty de Beausobre and EMS des Paquis provide health services for acute illnesses and accidents, rehabilitation and accommodation. At chemin du Cret 2, 1110 Morges, Vaud.